a successful trip down to balNY! (with pictures)

  1. I went down to balNY today and despite all attempts to resist temptations...................

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    vert d'eau/seafoam!!!! :heart: :heart: it's the color i've been wanting for ages. THIS IS TRUE LOVE.

  2. :woohoo: Congrats~
  3. congrats! she is a beauty. i love vert deau.
  4. wow! the leather is TDF!!!! congrats on such a great bag! :jammin: u're like me..can't resist temptations :p
  5. Wow! Resist temptations my ass!

    Look at that texture, she's sexy.
  6. the leather on your bag is awesome, congrats!
  7. Land-o-goshen! I can't believe they still HAD that color!!! Congrats!!
  8. i was surprised too! they had like 5 other vert d'eau cities..
  9. I Love the leather!! Its beautiful!
  10. Oh my- how beautiful!!!
  11. Ooow Maaay Gaaawd!!!


    ...You left me utterly speechless!!!
  12. Congrats, so happy for you it's the best feeling to find "THE" bag, wear her in good health!
  13. It's gorgeous :drool::drool::drool:
  14. congrats! gorgeous!
  15. Oh my! you lucky girl, i can't believe you find this stunning colour still in balny