A subtle hint to my husband

  1. I just placed a pink post-it on the page of my LV valentine catalogue that shows the Etoile bandeau, then I put it on his desk. Subtle enough?


    hee hee
  2. Very, very subtle, Jane!! LOL I hope he gets the hint and "surprises" you with it for Valentine's Day!!!
  3. Haha. Sneaky. I'd make copies of the page and tape it everywhere so like if he opened the fridge to get somthing, he'd see the bandeau, open the medicine cabinet, he'd see the bandeau.
  4. ahhaha..let's hope he gets the hint!
  5. Sounds like a fool-proof plan to me! :yes:
  6. He accompanied me into the store on Sunday when I was asking about this scarf, so I already planted the seed....
  7. cute!
  8. Very clever.
  9. Cute. I hope he gets it for you.
  10. that's good! planting the seed is always helpful! haha! good luck! keep us updated!
  11. lol.

    Did you include "I WANT THIS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY." in the note? That's subtle enough, right? :roflmfao:
  12. Very smart!! Hope you get it! :biggrin:

  13. That's too funny!
  14. LoL. How cute.:upsidedown:
  15. great idea, hope he takes the hint :smile:

    I wasn't subtle hehe I just told my bf what I wanted, kinda beats the surprise but atleast I get what I want