A stupid, yet possibly entertaining, question

  1. OK, so I'm new to Hermes (not to admiring, but to really educating myself now that I'm ready to actually purchase something), and I'm asking alot of stupid questions on the forum, to which all you lovely ladies have graciously responded!!! But here's a really stupid one, since I have not had the privilege to actually see or hold one of the birkins IRL: I know that these bags are meant to be held daintily in the crook of one's arm, but it seems to me (correct me, please, if i am wrong), that in a pinch (say, you need two hands for something), that you could possibly get it onto your shoulder if you are a small person (like me!). . .I can't really tell how long the straps are (anyone have a real measurement for the straps on a 35 birk?), but it seems that they are not much shorter than my current bag, which really just barely gets on there. . ..i only ask because i am a true klutz, and sometimes need both my arms/hands to catch myself as i'm falling. . ..:upsidedown:
  2. I have seen some of the extremely slender celebrities do that. I think it was Mary-Kate, but I figure that's rare. I think it would be kind of difficult to get it over your shoulder. I can't get mine over my shoulder.
  3. I can get my 35cm over my shoulder (I have a pretty small frame but have a good 15 pounds on any of the Olsens!) but it is bulky and not very comfortable there. I do it if I'm in a public restroom and need to wash my hands and there is nowhere to set the bag.
  4. Bless you!!!........ that puts you at around 100 pounds , I am envious. I have another 10 pounds on that!
  5. AHA!!!!!!!! :idea:I knew I could count on you guys to fill me in. . .thanks, this is just what I needed. .. I do have some pounds on the Olsens, but I do have really skinny arms, so this might work for me too, in a pinch (a little sidenote: my DH loves/hates to tell the story of the day he went to one of his favorite lunchplaces near where he worked in SoHo, and how everyone in the restaurant that day got the worst/slowest service because the twins were there, sharing a salad, or something like that. . .he refused to ever go back to the restaurant after that!!!) . . .anyway, i am glad to know that I could do it if necessary, as in the case GT mentions. . . or, if i needed both hands to shop for more hermes, maybe
  6. OMG - they weigh THAT little? okay, add some more to my side of the scale!! hehe
  7. ...I have like 50 lbs on all of you!!
  8. But I'm sure in your case it's 50 lbs of muscles whereas in my case it's all fat.
  9. haha..no..it's blubber :sad: I need to go on a diet/exercise more..