A Stuffed Bag W/ Chain Straps And Sore Shoulder?!

  1. Ladies -- do any of you ever have the chain shoulder strap(s) digging into your shoulder and causing an indentation and pain, when you carry your Cabas, either vinyl, leather, denim (espec. the oversized ones)? Do you just grin and bear it because you love the bag so much, you're willing to put up with discomfort? To me, a huge bag is definitely for stuffing (as well as its cool look); i mean, if you get a bag the size of a small volkswagon it should be able to be stuffed......but sometimes the chain makes my shoulder look like a creature munched on it........... :hrmm:
  2. aw, sorry there is pain for you carrying your beautiful Chanels, claudia....:sad:
    i'm ok with any of my bigger bags with chain handles bc i don't carry too much daily with me and am never out and about holding the bag that long that it gets to hurting me...maybe shoulder pads will come back in style and protect your poor munched shoulder...:lol:
  3. :popcorn:
    lol.....popcorn is more fun to munch on than a shoulder, anyway :p
  4. The only bag that has ever bothered me is the soft and chain - sold that baby! I think the pain came from the thickness of the metal chain. :ninja:
  5. if it starts to bother my shoulder, i just switch sides. Beauty hurts!
  6. The price we pay for beauty...LOL!
  7. Actually, since I'm pregnant.. I'm having trouble carrying my Vintage Jumbos! It seemed sooo heavy with the matching weight of my body! That's why I seldom use it lately!
  8. It happened to me w/ my Chloe Paddington. I had a sore shoulder for so long! I will never use it again. After that experience, I am careful not to buy bags that are too heavy.
  9. The worst bags for me are the ones you carry on your arm. I had a Prada that would leave large, red indentations on my arm... not very attractive!

    I see celebrities carrying arm bags and I never see any marks on them. I have a feeling they don't have anything in those bags!
  10. the price of beauty
  11. My cabas hurts my shoulder - but the chain doesn't leave marks. However, I don't think that it has to do with the weight of the bag, but how a given bag hangs on a given individuals shoulder. My paddingtons have never hurt my shoulder and they are heavy. I had a Balenciaga Day bag (light as a feather) and that thing killed my shoulder so I sold it. I try to carry my cabas mostly in my hand or the crook of my arm because I love it so much! Not to mention it was my xmas gift from DH!
  12. I agree...switch shoulders!! And, somedays I just seem to have more stuff to schlep around.
  13. Not only is stuffing big bags hard on shoulders, it's a challenge for the spine as well. Just like high heels, the tilt of the body is off center. It's not good to be hurting even if you look good. If it hurts, fix the problem -- carry less stuff.