A Study in Purple

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  1. Please welcome my small new BVs. There are 2010 Opera Veneta, aubergine (year?) and brand new cervo loop but not sure what color that is... anyone who knows please chime in! I emailed BV for a read of the serial number but they refused.

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  2. All three are lovely, and I love the colours of all of them. Let us know when you find out the name of the Loop please, do we have a pic posted of it in the sun?
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  3. The Cervo Loop looks like Quetsche and the Sunrise Veneta from 2005 (?) will have the colour on the tag.
  4. Your Sunrise Cervo Veneta is Burgundy. :flowers:
  5. Is that the name? Burgundy? It looks very purply though. Here’s the tag:

  6. Here’s another pic of the loop in fluorescent lighting. I thought quetsche has more grayish tones.. this is a dark burgundy/purply color. The second is from the listing.
    9EAA41F3-CAD6-4B06-9056-91A0ED1DA837.jpeg E3075941-0251-4C23-9C86-237A70C90B55.jpeg
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  7. Gorgeous purples! :heart:
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  8. Hmmm. Cervo Loop could be Aubergine from FW 2014
  9. Beautiful purples!
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  11. Loop could be Barolo? Looks like mine in different lighting...
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  12. So pretty. And I really miss the older handle style on the Veneta, so it’s nice to see your Opera version of it (I got one of the last of the older handles in Tourmaline, and I’m glad I got it when I did). Thanks for the photo!
  13. Gosh!! Purple heaven!! :drool: :drool:
    Loop looks like Barolo to me
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  14. Beautiful collection of purples! And the purple lining of the Opera- one of my favourites :heart:

    Congrats and enjoy! :flowers:
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  15. Soo... here’s the loop in direct sunlight. I tried calling BV customer service and they told me they can’t interpret serial numbers because “they don’t have the system to do so.” :frown: I guess they just don’t want to anymore because they have done it in the past. Does anyone have any tips?