A strange man at my door, made my day!

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  1. No, it is not a dirty story following. :graucho:

    The man was giving me this:

    Look what it is

    I just love it. Great size for a girl that doesn’t carry a lot, and the color was a big positive surprise (much better than from the attached photo).

    Even with a winter coat on, I can carry it on the shoulder. So even if the plan was that it should be my spring/summer bag, I might use it to bright up these dark winter days as well.

    And I know for sure, I am definitely a girl who prefers her bags to be square / edgy. :yes:
  2. that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! congrats - which size is it? i love it when a strange man comes to your door!!!
  3. Beautiful! Beautiful colour!

    Did you feed that stranger like Jo, to make certain he returns in the future? Seems those men like banana's!!
  4. :huh::wondering:weird:

    I cant see the pics!!
  5. Yay I love Poppy! Congrats! Looks lovely... :heart:
    (I was quietly sad to see no addition to Poppy family in the new collection.)
  6. Looks great and what a fab colour. Is it a pure green or a turquoise green?
    I love the smaller Poppy as I found the regular one just too bulky.
    Don't forget those modelling pics......!
  7. Ooh its a Poppy congrats! :yes: hopefully ill be able to see pics from my home computer!
  8. It is the small poppy, and no I did not feed the stranger, but I am sure he will pop-up with more packets in the near future :graucho:

    The color is difficult to describe, but it is more green than turquoise, looking at it, I can not make my mind up if it is a warm or cold color, but it is very rich color, not pale.....don't know if this make sense?
    I think it is a type of miracle color, that goes to yellow, wearing warm color clothes, and blue wearing cold color clothes :P
    Modeling photo will follow tomorrow!
  9. Oh Lillan its gorgeous, congrats.

    The colour looks lovely, can't wait to see some modelling pics.
  10. what a gorgeous cute bag! :nuts: can't wait for the modelling pics! congrats! :tup:
  11. I'm really loving the colour! Well done, it's gorgeous :drool:
  12. Lovely colour bag. i look forward to the modelling pics!!! UPS men like banana's and crisps!!!!(or at least mine does!!!)
  13. What a beautiful bag. I love the color, can imagine it's hard to capture in a picture. Congrats!
  14. Hell...he'd make my day, too...if he brought me that gorgeous bag!!!
  15. Beautiful colour , can we have a modeling pic..