A Story

  1. I work at Starbucks. There's a regular customer (decaf grande vanilla latte) who always wears this:


    I complimented on it to her one day and we started talking about Louis Vuitton. At some point, she said to me "You're that Louis Vuitton Girl, aren't you?"

    Well, one day she came in not wearing it. She was waiting for me to finish preparing her drink (She wanted it iced that day.) She wasn't wearing it because it was bent. She was wearing it and bent over to look for her dog. It flew up and smacked her in the eye.

    She told me it was difficult trying to explain that to her eye doctor. Her eye is okay, but as far as I know her charm is still bent. (One of the legs got damaged.)

    She wanted to tell me because she knew I'd get a kick out of it.
  2. Hahahaha. Funny in a bad way. So, the laugh should be more like..muhahaha!
  3. I KNOW! The poor thing! I didn't know how to react so I did the amused / shocked "Oh my God!"

    It happened to her a couple of days ago. If it happened that day or something my reaction would've been a BIT different!
  4. Oh my..I hope her eye is ok.
    But I hope the charm can be fixed..I've never seen anyone wear that around here. It makes me sad :sad:
  5. I hope she is ok
  6. Her eye seems to be fine. It was just really awkward for her to explain that to her doctor. ("Um, my Louis Vuitton Eiffel Tower charm flew up and smacked me in the eye, and . . . ")

    I think she should just keep it like that. It's battle scarred.
  7. Jeez that must have hurt like heck!But I'd still wear it even if it did attack my eye haha too beautiful to be mad at.. then again maybe she should be mad at her dog?:huh: Hopefully it can be fixed...
  8. Lol..my mom got smacked in the eye with her N initial necklace when she was little..she still has a teeny scar from it.
  9. That never happened to me . . . but I did realize I was REALLY sick once because I got dressed to go to the hospital and didn't bother to put my jewelry on.
  10. Sorry . . . a little back story to that . . . I woke up my parents really early one morning because I was really sick and didn't know what was wrong with me. I freaked out and wanted one of them to drive me to the hospital. I threw on a sweatshirt, yoga pants and Uggs. I got into the car (holding Speedy) and I made the jewelry remark to my mother.
  11. I don't wear any jewelry. Funny cuz I'm married and don't wear my ring. Neither does my hubbie. Weird isn't it?
  12. Oh man, that must have hurt so much ! I hope the charm will be okay as well. :sad:
  13. Guess I got used to not wearing it cuz I worked at the dietary kitchen in a nursing home *not suppose to wear rings* and my DH worked for the road dept.
  14. I got the Tiffany heart tag bracelet for my birthday last year. It felt a little snug on my wrist. I had the option to send it back for them to add a couple of links to it. I refused because I worked at a jewelry counter at the time, and if the bracelet was any looser, it would've knocked over things in the jewelry displays.