A story of floating hope! ~ a must read ;)

  1. Hello everyone :flowers:

    Remember this thread?

    a travel through time :oh:

    A couple of years ago.. Back when I was a freshman in college.. I was in a ladies salon one day getting a new haircut.. and there was this girl about my age getting her hair dyed.. She had this beautiful bag that I kept steeling moments from the mirror just to capture a glimpse of it in my mind :girlsigh: .. It was LOVE from first site.. I learned after words that it was an LV graffiti pochette that was a limited edition.. and that I cant find it in any LV branch..

    That pochette was engraved in my mind since then! But days went on.. year after year.. Fading that beautiful memory..:crybaby:

    what would be my first? :angel:

    I have not owned an LV yet.. But when I graduated last year and got employed.. I began to think seriously of LV.. I had been bouncing in my local LV lately to decide what my first would be!

    all the obstacles! :sad:

    There are many times where I get depressed cause I cant make use of the great opportunity of buying via the net what you cant find near you.. As many sites don’t offer international services.. And even sometimes they do.. Yet the cc has to be issued in the US.
    So ordering things via net was so limited for me by buying my usual boring stuff loool :P from Amazon like.. programming books, novels and DVD’s.. etc

    :nuts: A glimpse of hope raised when we found this great service which enables me to have a US box that ships to my home after words..

    to be cont..
  2. could it be true? :wondering

    When I came across that thread.. I surprisingly found the seller was listing my dream pochette!! I went crazy:wlae:!! And just had to give myself a chance though I knew deep in my heart that it was such an extreme long shot!:shrugs:

    I registered with ebay (yes I never did before!!) to send her a letter just to say to myself: &#8220;I did try.. but it just wasn&#8217;t meant to be!&#8221; <<I was so disparate that I predicted the answer and lived it early!! :crybaby:

    I couldn&#8217;t believe my eyes when she replied that there might be a chance!! :nuts: She was such a sweet lady..:love: Cooperated with me all way long with great professional replies.. (you can imagine me giving her a hard time being a newbie in ebay looool )

    and i wO:huh::huh::huh::huh:n!! :yahoo:

    I cant describe the feeling!! Its nothing like buying a bag off the shelf, its just a total different feeling!! Knowing that it&#8217;s a limited no longer around edition that you wanted so bad for 5 or 6? years!!

    What do you think of my story?! I cant believe it myself!! looool :roflmfao:
  3. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~
    I would like to thank MiroirPrincess and jlinds for posting that thread and link..:love: And all the lovely members who participated in that thread.. If it wasnt for you all. My little dream wouldnt have gone this far! :shame:

    All PF members rock :jammin:

    :love: I shall post my celebration as soon as I welcome my very first LV to her new home! (it will take a bit of time.. But pray with me that she arrives safe and sound!!) :tender:

    Here are a few pics from the auction.. I cant wait till I scream her name loooooool (I will tell you what I named her when she arrives) :girlsigh:


    3c_12.jpg 99_12.jpg 43_12.jpg 63_12.jpg a8_12.jpg
  4. Congrats!! :yahoo: And Vanilla, you're so cute! :lol:
  5. ohhh vanilla congrats on getting your dream bag as your first LV that truly amazing :love:
  6. congrats!!! :yahoo:
    i hope you finally win the auction?
    please post pics with u wearing it after it arrive in ur hand...
  7. So Thank to me!:supacool: I'm so happy for you!!!:yahoo:
  8. :tender: I'm sooo happy for you right now!!! Congrats!!!!!:yahoo: It's absolutely gorgeous!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  9. Irissy :flowers:
    awwwwwww Irissy how sweet of you dear :love: thank you :shame:


    :flowers: Kaka
    Thank you!! amazing truely!! I cant believe a day has come where i actually post this thread!! :upsidedown:


    seahorseinstrips :flowers:
    Thanks a tons!! Yes Yes dear <jumping> loool !! I won the auction with a (Buy it now!!) :jammin:
    i shall ofcourse post millions of pics when she arrives!! She will be so special!! :girlsigh:

  10. What a great post! I got my first LV in April, a denim Baggy GM, and I remember the feeling like it was April:roflmfao:

    what a great first piece! Really, really excellent and I am very happy for you! Congratulations:flowers:
  11. Miroir Princess :queen:
    :love: *hugs* :love: you are ausom!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
    oh wait!!
    (Thank you x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
    here.. that should do it! :shame:


    :flowers: Lee69
    awwww thank you sweetie.. :love: you are all so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! :tender:

  12. Congratulations, honey. Very cute story. Aw. Yay!
  13. Congrats on the beautiful piece....
    Finally your dream has come true
  14. Congrats!! :yahoo:

    I loved your story!
  15. that is such a great story. Im so happy for you that you finally after so long get your favourite LV. Congratulations. :smile: