A stompin' Burberry reveal

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  1. #1 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
    Ok, I know summer is about to arrive.

    BUT...my shoe size (40 European) is very popular here and if I wait until the season starts, whatever shoe I want for that season is often sold out. So I opted to jump the queue and buy myself a brand new pair of boots. Not snow boots or rain boots, but low-heeled boots I could wear with jeans or casual pants in the cooler weather.

    Backstory: The designer shops along Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse (the Rodeo Drive of Switzerland) banded together to host Zurich Tastings, an invitation only shopping and wine tasting event held May 26. Basically, they sent out invites to people who'd bought something in the past year (I don't know if there was a minimum spend requirement -- I'd bought the large Olimpia bag at BV and that was apparently enough to make the cut). You took your invitation to the store that invited you and exchanged it for a leather bracelet that gave you entry to all the participating stores. I went with two friends and had a great time. In Burberry, I found the boots I wanted. And because I was buying my autumn boots in late May, my size was still in stock :lol:
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    Well, that's the background, now for the reveal.

    We've had a lot of photos lately on TPF of bags etc in cars...but I haven't seen any in trains :P

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  3. At home and ready to unbox

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  4. Next...

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  5. And the back view...

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  6. An early review:
    I haven't worn them much yet, but so far they seem really comfortable. They don't pinch anywhere and hold my foot securely but with plenty of room in the toe box. I'll be wearing them with light to medium weight socks. I may get some non-slip stick-ons because they do have a pretty smooth sole, but will wait and see.

    For anybody who wants more info, here's the link to the boots on the Burberry site:

    Kudos to the online chat people at Burberry.com who confirmed for me that the Zurich store had a pair in my size. Now all I have to do is wait until it's the right season to wear them! :thinking:
  7. Love them! Congratulations
  8. Great boots. Congrats
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