A Stiletto race!! Would you participate?

  1. Women in Russia recently raced in high heels (with a minimum of 3.5″!) to win a prize equivalent of $4000. It was a 100-meter race!
    Not only in Russia! There was a similar race last year held in Berlin, Germany. The winner of that race ran 80 meters in 12 seconds in her stilettos. Thats crazy amazing! LOL!
    Would you guy participate to a race like that!? I sure would. Actually, I thing watching the race would be even more fun!

    To see a short video of the race:
    stiletto RACE.jpg
  2. I would definitely do this! I would have to have to wear heels with an ankle strap though so they don't slip off! That sounds like fun and you are not running long.
  3. LOL a month ago, I tripped walking in flip flops & broke two ribs!! I can't even imagine the damage I'd do to myself running in heels!!
  4. No. I would never even contemplate doing this for any amount of money.
  5. Ack, no way.
  6. I can sprint in 4 inch heels......LMAO..NO problemo
  7. I'd be in!
  8. I would have dominated in that race! lol
    Everyone is so amazed as to what i can do in my heels lol.
  9. :nuts: That's crazy!

  10. ****, for 4000 bucks, I'd do it!

    Who's got a size 12?
  11. ^lol!
  12. Only a 12:confused1:
  13. Sure, I would do it for $4000!!!

    ...But I don't think I would get very far. I can't even walk well in high heels, let alone run!
  14. Lol no, I have problems running on flat shoes.
  15. I could try..dont think I would get very far. haha