A Stay At Home Mom Question..Ella Moss..Help!

  1. I am a stay at home mom and I have been SEARCHING for cute clothes to wear instead of my juicy tracksuits..so I was looking at Anthropologie and I bought some cute yoga pants and I saw lots of cute Ella Moss tops..
    Does Ella moss wash well? How is the quality? I am having major issues feeling cute and put together as a mom and need some ideas. Thanks!!
  2. I love Ella Moss!! She is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to cute but affordable clothes!! I just love the styles, especially the cute tops, and I would say that the quality is good. The fit and cut and the materials that she uses are also excellent, IMO.
  3. I don't have any of her stuff, but do agree it is very cute. I wouldn't exactly call it "affordable". The shirts seem pretty pricey for what seems to be just a cotton top. So good to know the quality seems good. It is worth the money if it is stuff that will last. I have been eyeing one of her tops for a while, but at $100 I wasn't sure if it was worth it.
  4. I have a bunch of ELLA MOSS tops....LOVE THEM!
    However make sure that u know the tops run BIG....Im an XS/PETITE in MOSS TOPS
  5. I love Ella Moss!! I think the quality's great but IMO a little overpriced so I always buy them on sale (I see them all the time at Nordie's so I just wait)!
  6. I adore Ella Moss! Yes, it washes really well. No shrinkage, no twisting, no pilling. There is nothing not to like. Yes, it tends toward vanity sizing.
  7. I love Ella Moss, and agree that the quality is pretty good! The prices have gone up so I try to only buy Ella Moss from places with codes, etc.
  8. I love Ella Moss! The pieces wash so well and they maintain their softness. Also agreed that they run big- I take at least a size smaller than normal.
  9. I think it washes well. I usually hand wash them.