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  1. Hi! I'm researching the options for my wife's 3rd year anniversary gift, and was thinking about getting her a Birkin. While she has quite a collection of bags (mostly Fendi, Louis Vuitton), she doesn't have anything from Hermes, although she has often expressed her love for the orange Birkin. I want to surprise her, but I'm really afraid of buying the wrong bag. Also, I don't really know what to expect to pay... I've seen advertisements from $1000 all the way to $30,000, and I'd really rather not get ripped off. Also, is buying directly from the store the only way to ensure authenticity? I would really appreciate any advice I could get. Thanks!
  2. I would only buy directly from Hermes. especially since you're not an expert (not to sound condescending), so might make a mistake. A new orange birkin is near impossible. I'd go for black or gold for a starter...given that you're going to pay almost $8k for a leather bag, you want one that's very wearable!
  3. Hmmmm...but if she really wants an orange one...she would find ways to wear it!!!
    No harm in going to H boutiques and chatting up the SA's!
  4. I say only buy from H but thats my personal preference. If you have extra $ to pay the premium or don't have time to wait, you can authenticate the purse or seller prior to your purchase here on tPF. There is a thread on reputable sellers AND sellers to stay away from.

    If you don't want to buy the wrong bag, just consult with her. Trust me, I am the BIG on surprises, but when it comes to H, I wouldn't be disappointed if I knew my husband was looking for one for me. If you're spending $6-8K on a bag, you want to make sure she loves it. If you buy from the boutique, I believe the return policy is 10 days.

    Good luck.
  5. I agree. There are WAY too many fakes out there. I'd go to Hermes directly, they can call other boutiques for you to see what's available. Good luck!! And let us know how it turns out! :smile:
  6. If You Can Go Directly To Hermes ~ That's Definitely Your Best Bet!!! You Sound Like Great Husband;)
  7. Hello and welcome! First off, you are a very sweet guy to be doing this for your wife.

    There is a wealth of information here and a list of recommended resellers. The AUTHENTICATE THIS thread is a wonderful thing in case you go the route of resellers which may be a viable option if you are dead set on the specific color. Just post as many photos as you can in the AUTHENTICATE thread and the Hermes-savvy folks here will help you as best they can. I've seen Orange Birkins in the store but never a Brown or Black one. Depending on how often you can get into the boutique you may score one on the spot.

    Do you know if she prefers textured versus smooth leather? That will affect the price somewhat. You should expect to pay approximately a minimum of $7,000 depending on used condition. Best of luck. The boutique is my favorite route, but I know many people have purchased from reputable resellers with instant gratification. Just please be careful as there are many many fakes out there that look good but are worthless.

    BTW, my husband is of the opinion that it is easier for a man to score a Birkin for his wife than for the wife to get one on her own in the boutique. I had tried in vain for 2 years to get on the list and he just asked once to special order one for me and was granted a special order on the spot for a Black Birkin that came 3 months later. He purchased a watch the day this happened and that may have had something to do with it, but it is worth asking.
  8. Addict's Hubby, you're a great guy!! Your wife will be surprised. I'm sure there are ways you can consult with her, but still be able to keep the element of the surprise. And definitely buy from the boutique. Good luck!! :smile:
  9. good luck!
  10. What a sweetheart! Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you!
  11. wow, i never thought i'd see the day a man asked for a starter birkin :wtf: :lol:

    what a lucky wife you have ;)
  12. Starter . . . Birkin? Huh? :P
  13. There is no such thing as a $1,000 birkin. And as raised by the other posters, there are fakes everywhere. Check out the list of recommended resellers in this sub-forum. That could well be your starting point. Orange this season may be a tad harder to come by, but not impossible. You're a great DH! :flowers:
  14. You definitely came to the right place Addict's Hubby :tup: the ladies (and gentlemen) here know a lot about H and their knowledge combined may make up a whole new H library.

    Having said that, I would agree with the comments about getting your "gift" directly from a boutique...why? as a novice (I am too :P) I would be terrified of getting the fake item after having spent a substantial amount on it. I also read from one of the threads here that there are now "super fakes" - H bags incldg. birkins (in diff skins, incldg exotics) that are very well made that even the experts are finding very hard to authenticate. At least if you get your item directly from a boutique you will not have that "doubt".

    Good luck!!! You are one sweet and thoughtful DH...congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. Cheers! :drinkup:
  15. Wow, thank you all for the help and quick replies! I have quite some time before the big day, so I'll try to go through one of the shops on a trip back to LA (apparently there are no stores in St Louis)... the thought of spending $10,000 on a fake, poorly crafted piece of junk makes me nauseous. I will try to "subtly" confirm which bag she really wants, as well :smile: How long do you think it will take between ordering and receiving?

    btw, what does "DH" stand for? Designated Hitter? Designer husband?