A Star's Collection

  1. the Rosier tote is LOVE
  2. Lovely collection. I love the Gold Catch Valentino Tote *Gorgeous*
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    Vintage "Ivory" Lambskin Medium Clasic Double Flap with Gold Hardware:

    Beautiful vintage. #1... serie.
  4. Denim Shoulder Bag:

    #7 serie. I don't use her anymore, it's too small. When I bought her I thought she was "too big". :graucho:
  5. Rouge Clair Caviar Wallet:

    From S/S 2002 season.
  6. The Rosier is amazing! I love the color and just everything about it!
  7. bridgergirl, Joke, janice: Thank you :smile:

    KatNW1: both Rosier and Studded Satchel say thanks :biggrin:
  8. Now I'll show you my Marc Jacobs little family.

    Family Picture:
  9. Blue Elastic Quilted Stam:

    From F/W 2007 season. I love her. It is the most beautiful blue bag I've ever seen.
  10. Carter Bag in Bone:

    From F/W 2008 season. The color is Bone. It was a present from my oldest son and I loved it! It is the perfect ivory/light beige, the lambskin looks so good and the shape is just perfect. :biggrin:
  11. I really love your collection! so versatile and a little different-I especially love the gold valentino tote!
  12. Gorgeous collection!!
  13. Nice collection! You have great taste. Refreshing to see Valentino and MJ.
  14. Magnificent collection!
    Thank you for sharing.
  15. You have a Gorgeous collection!