A standard TPF Watermark?

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  1. Hi
    I just wanted to know if it would be possible for a standard watermark to be made available for TPF members.

    For example if I posted a picture of what I had just purchased and loaded it to the site, you could have an option of using a standard tpf watermark and just typed your username to protect your picture from being used on other sites.

    i.e I post a picture of a bag and I then use the TPF watermark and it states -

    Sammyjoe @ TPF Forum ( TPF would be in the fancy logo used at the top of the page)

    I just thought that if the picture was stolen it would automatically indicate that it was originally lifted from TPF thus giving TPF the recognition and it being a standard format and hopefully help people to remember to watermark their pictures.

    Sorry if I am not making sense!

  2. ^ I like it!
  3. I love that idea!! Let me see if vlad could do that :yes:
  4. sounds like a good idea. hope it can be done!
  5. Thank you all for understanding what I mean, I hope Vlad and the team can come up with something :flowers:
  6. that's a really good idea :yes: maybe add "not for sale" to it too?
  7. didn't we have a watermark before? I remember something. . .
  8. sammyjoe--love the idea!
  9. no u totally make sense...i try to mark my pics with 2 lil hearts to protect mine...cant trust peps these days they would steal your pics too...sad...
  10. great suggestion OP
  11. I like this idea!
  12. It would be cool if watermarks were automatically placed when pictures are loaded here. :yes:
  13. Thanks all :flowers:

    I think if it were possible, it really would help the members out. Lots of members don't watermark ( myself included) for various reasons - forget, don't know how to, no software etc.

    If there was a standard TPF one, it would sock the picture thieves right in the eye :lol: as well as the reasons mentioned in the above posts.
  14. Just one more thing regarding the watermark design.

    I think it would be cool for the watermark to be shaded so its not full on colour TPF but a shade ( sort of like Sofa king banned people). I think this would allow the beauty of the item/ picture being shown and still show a subtle hint that "yes" it is from TPF.
  15. I really hope that something can come of your idea Sammyjoe!!