A SSSSuper Find!!!!!!

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  1. Hello Everyone!!! I got a PCE and of course I could not waste it!!! LOL I was debating about a purse but got a some small things instead!!!!

    First up - Something SSSSensational!!!


    Kristin Embossed Python Slim Envelope Wallet!!!

    Crimson Dot Op Art Mini Skinny!


    Interior of Kristin Python Wallet!

    I also got another Goody at Coach as well as something from Coach outlet and Nordstrom!!!


    Thanks for looking~~~

    Lynne :biggrin:
  2. super cute. CONGRATS :smile:
  3. Ok I ran out of room!!!!! So here are at least two other pictures!!!

    Crimson Embossed C Patent Turnlock Large Slim Envelope Wallet

    The Madison Gray Ocelot Mini Skinny!!

    Thanks again for looking!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. i love the mini skinny. Congrats on your goodies!!!
  5. Thanks!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. Congrat's Lynne!I love all of your PCE goodie's:smile:That wallet is beautiful~
  7. Congrats....Love the Python Wallet and your other goodies...
  8. :woohoo:I love them all especially the python wallet. Congrats on all of your goodies!!!
  9. congrats on all your new accessories!! absolutely love the kristin python wallet and crimson dot op art mini skinny! i am going friday to pick up my new crimson sophia and think i am going to get the crimson dot op art wristlet and will try to *resist* getting a matching python accessory for my new kristin python top handle pouch that just arrived yesterday ~ the teal lining inside of her is TDF!
  10. congrats. great finds.
  11. Your wallets are wonderful & the Kristin python wallet is TDF, LuvsElvis!! Luv those mini skinnies, too!! Great pieces all around -- congrats!!
  12. I love that Python wallet!!! I was drooling over it at the store :drool:
  13. Congrats L! Lots of lovely goodies!
  14. Gorgeous Lynne! Enjoy them all:P
  15. Super cute stuff Lynne!!! CONGRATS!!!!