A Spring Reveal: Air Force Blue Floral Bag and Wallet

  1. I love flowers and when I used to sew my own clothes, I'd embroider a simple daisy on my items. And so when this collection came out, I knew I had to have something.
    The detailing is lovely.


    The wallet is the mini-French and it is very sweet.
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  2. A few photos of how I plan to wear it.
    With a simple linen dress:
    To make a black outfit a bit more summery:
  3. IMG_2317.JPG It looks great with jeans and a tee too!
  4. How cute and whimsical!
    The bag looks like a really good size - does it hold about the same as a Pillow Bag?
    Enjoy your new stuff. :flowers:
  5. IMG_2297.JPG It's a bit smaller than the Pillow. Here's a photo with the wallet inside.
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  6. Great styling photos! What a beautiful light blue...I lived in North Carolina for a year, and it reminds me of Tarheel blue, one of my favorite colors.
  7. Beautiful
    I the color ( I live blue)
    Those embroidered flowers are so pretty
    Makes me think of spring
  8. Beautiful bag, G! ...And I love your photos!
  9. Very spring like. Love the detailing. Enjoy!
  10. Love the embroidered flowers!! My favorite blue!!
  11. Thanks for the show and tell! You picked some very pretty things. The touch of embroidery is simply lovely. Enjoy!
  12. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
  13. Delicate and pretty. I like that the color is a light blue and not a pastel blue. The embroidery details pop and makes it so interesting to look at. I enjoy flowers a lot, as you can see from my avatar, which happens to be blue flowers too. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
  14. Love - it so works for your style!
  15. Thanks so much for the comments. Whimsical is a great term for this bag and that's what I was going for. Something happy and girlie. I'm normally not a light blue person, but like many of my recent BV acquisitions, it spoke to me.
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