A speedy day

  1. I think today was a good day for getting a mono speedy 30. (based on the other posters who just got their bags)

    I finally committed to a LV bag today. Yup! Mono Speedy 30. I started with a mono cles in March and then got a zippy organizer (I had a wallet quest and ended up with the zippy) then the poochet cosmetique (sp?) in April and a Frambose Cles and a perfo cles. I'm set for a while. Planning a Noe for my b'day in Noe-vember. But first some more work on my house.

    Also picked up a Denim Cles. (I really like the cles and have fun switching between them - very silly I know) They had a few denim items out but not the cles - I asked if they had them and the SA pulled it out of the drawer. I wodered if they don't display everything intentionally....if you know about it you can buy it. SO glad I studied up here first!
  2. Go for it! I bought mine last saturday and I love it so much. I dont have any regret :tender: