***A Special Thanks To A Special TPFer***

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2012
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    Hello everyone.. I know it's kinda late and I haven't posted here in a while but I thought this needs a special " thank you " as this nice gesture truly made my night and week!! So I'm laying down with my DD who's running a fever and me not feeling too well either get a text saying there is a package for me... At first I'm extremely excited and then confused as I'm not expecting anything... Yet lol. So I quickly go and get it and to my surprise... It's from a sweet TPFer !!! I was shocked and so happy. Felt better instantly! So I rip open the box and inside is a box of instant coffe and a beautiful 100% pure silk scarf! I almost cried! I knew she went home this summer but haven't heard from her in a while so to get this from her was a shocker... Thanks so much JONI80. ... I cant tell you how much this meant to me... Your the best!!!
    image-1847759691.jpg image-2658460099.jpg
  2. That was so sweet., hope you and your dd feel better.
  3. I hope you and your dd feel better soon. That scarf is beautiful and how sweet of your friend!!
  4. That is awesome, love when people do things like that. Enjoy and hoping you and dd are feeling better soon.
  5. How sweet! Hope you and your daughter feel better soon!
  6. What a lovely gift! Beautiful scarf! It's always so nice to get something unexpected like that. What a thoughtful friend. I hope you and DD are both feeling better!
  7. How sweet - hope you guys get to feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun but being sick and having a sick child is the worst.
  8. Thanks ladies... That was extremely thoughtful of her and to think the place I got to know her at was here on tpf just goes to show the kind ppl that are on this forum. Taking my DD to the doctor in a little so hopefully everything goes well...
  9. That was so super sweet and just when you needed it. Hope you both feel better soon. We have been fighting a bug at home here too..
  10. Thanks.. Yes it was totally unexpected. Turns out my DD has strep and an ear infection...it's my DS that keeps getting it and them giving it to his sisters.
  11. Oh no! I hope the baby feels better and I REALLY hope that you don't catch it!
  12. I hope antibiotics will knock that out quickly. Yes, that's exactly how it spreads around our house too and I always end up catching what they have because they want to lay by me when they feel sick.. :sick:
  13. Thanks... I hope I don't catch it either... NOT the time for it but she's extremely stuck to me right now I can't move a foot without her crying wanting to be held. Oh we'll at least I have a nice cup of coffee to look forward to lol ;)