a special order question to the special members

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  1. hi all, i have been a member of tpf for a while now and thanks to the hermes group i have not only learned a lot but also my collection grew while the opposite happened to my bank account :P
    i was hoping to go to paris soon to place a special order but i wanted to ask you all soemthing before i go and make a fool of myself..

    is it possible to have a 3o or 35cm birkin made with black crocodile/alligator linings, pipings, with the handles and the clasp area? i think i have previously seen a picture of it somewhere on tpf (i think it was a beautiful orange birkin)?

    i really want a black birkin in my collection but i want it to look special which is why i want this done so bad!

    TIA to all!!:flowers::flowers:
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    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    it depends on whether or not you'll get to place an order in the first place.

    I recently found out that it was not only me who has been told that FSH doesn't take orders at the moment (they'll start taking it again at September, I was told). Then again, there's mich's DH who has been granted to place an SO for a Birkin a few weeks ago.

    Hermes is tricky.

    good luck. :yes:
  3. yes i enjoyed reading about your days in paris!! :upsidedown: i will be going to paris soon and staying until September so i dont think there will be a problem.. i am actually more worried about whether or not my order is considered acceptable :rolleyes: thank you allanrvj for answering!!
  4. oh thanks. hehe.

    is this similar to what you're talking about?


    (pic from the Reference Library)
  5. allaaaaaaaaan!!! :flowers::flowers: yes!! i saw it once then had no idea where to find it again- it was like looking for a needle in a H-aystack :P (i just saved the pic)..yes this is the exact one i want to SO but in a black birkin (although a kelly does look yummy too)!
  6. for a Birkin, does it look like this?


    just imagine that the croc part is black. :P

    if this is what you want, ask lilach. she's the Oracle around here. :P
  7. This is a question for our dear lilach to help. I suspect it's only for FSH window display only. (or super ultra VVVVVIPs only)
  8. ^^Mrs S your very right! The Croc and Toile combo is hard to get accepted. I have seen this only in Japan (due to there high volume of super VVVIP's). During my current holiday visit I have seen only a few exotic & toile combo H purses, but resell price is very high!
  9. wow both the kelly and birkin would do for me (only thing that would swing me to one side would be their price :P.. although i suspect that the kelly would be cheaper maybe..
    mrssparkles: really? so i would not get a chance to order it? :confused1: it truly does look like an amazing piece to own

    ooh i would love for the famous lilach to help me
  10. simplyprincess: no no i dont want it croc and toile i was thinking more like croc and any of the other normal leathers (but not swift)
  11. ^^Humm... again that would be almost impossible unless your a Super VVVIP. I have only seen one mix Croc & Boxcalf Birkin 30cm. But it was a SO and only granted to this one specific Japanese socialite. This is the only one that I am aware of. Some combos Hermes will not do. If they feel that a certain SO will "not uphold the look of Hermes" then they will not accept the SO. This is a quote from my store manager. This info is what I know, I am sure that others may have more to offer. Good luck.
  12. lilach can help provide the answer. Not help you get the bag :sweatdrop:

    simplyprincess is giving the right idea. Thanks, sweetie. Be it toile or another leather.

    I would love to see the Tokyo reseller stores one day! Must be super special H bags galore!

    Whether or not you would be "allowed" to order, totally depends on your H relationships. And you need to be their top tier customers.
  13. simplyprincess: thank you so much for the info! :flowers: maybe i should start thinking about a bi or tri color birkin/kelly instead
  14. or if you do it in FSH. :tup:
  15. MrsS. lilach can help provide the answer Not help you get the bag

    ^^ROFL! :roflmfao:

    well i dont really have a relationship with them i only visit them in our summer and winter vacations but i dont know anyone specially, but they are all more than sweet when we visit..lol i'll play dumb and try my luck :sneaky: