A special bag for a girl (then 10 years old)

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  1. Hi @ all,

    first I have to declare why a bag for a child- living in a country in Europe we have the system, that only the ones with the best grades will be allowed to attend Gymnasium, which is required to go to University. So there is one year that is deciding nearly everything for your career and the pressure to "make it" is extremely high.
    My daughter made it - without any doubt and without ever getting a mark worse than B and wothout complaining or struggling or fighting or additional help. And she even made it, to be accepted on the best school in the area without mommy or daddy beeing involved - she just went over and said " I want to attend THAT school" and was accepted.

    So we gave her the option to choose her bonus, which (surprising fact...) turns out to be a bag.

    She wants a bag, that won't scream out " I am an expensive bag" and that is versatile enought to be taken to school and for spare time. She also wants one that is not girly girly (i.e. no butterlies, no flowers and that stuff).

    I want to treat her and give her a bag she normally never ever would get from us.

    Any ideas? Please?


    *proud mom* (sorry, I had to write that)
  2. Congrats! I think a very nice gift for a young girl would be something from the Cambridge Satchel Company in her favorite color with her initials embossed on it.
  3. That sound SO perfect! I'll checked it out and woooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoow theses are perfect!

    Actually my daughter came over and was thrilled about the choices and picked one within a minute- so you ar a good girlwhisperer!

    Thank you!
  4. You're welcome. I think your DD will always treasure this gift from you :smile: Also please share a photo when you get it!
  5. i think that is an absolutely lovely idea
    anya hindmarch has fun bags that doesnt age particularly and can grow with your daughter
    i think the first handbag i received at 12 was an LV very small pouch that i still use as a wallet
  6. Cambridge is definitely a brilliant idea for a child. They're age-appropriate and very sturdy bags. They also have Satchel backpacks, too! Perfect for school, in my opinion.

    Most women give their daughters $500 LV bags at the age of 10 or under for no reason which is ridiculous. Cambridge satchels are the perfect choice and best of all, she will be the only kid in school carrying such a hip bag!! Congrats on your child's achievements and I hope you will post pictures as soon as you receive the bag!!
  7. Dear all,

    just in that minute, and exactly on the day the certificates will be handed to the children the Satchel bag arrived. (8 minutes ago and my daughter will be home in 12 minutes!).

    I am thrilled and overwhelmed and delighted and everything- that bag is clearly made in heaven.

    I made a picture and will post it later, actually I just wanted to stop by and say THANK you so much for your advice. This is the best bag for a little girl I've ever seen in my entire life.

    Thank you SO much!
  8. #8 May 2, 2016
    Last edited: May 2, 2016
    here we go:smile:

    Here is the celebration table waiting for her. I am so proud and I am so happy that the bag is soooo beautiful and I can't describe how thankful I am for your help- this makes the day so special to me, really.

    So, feel invited to take a seat an eat a macaron:smile:

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  9. Wow, what a stunning color! I'm jealous of your daughter now, millivanilli. :biggrin: Love the embossing with the horse and the initials. What a nice mommy you are, enjoy your celebration!
  10. I totally agree, I was thinking exactly same :tup:
  11. LOL milli, didn't even get to scroll down to this beauty, great minds think alike!!! :party:

    Congratulations to you daughter and all the best for her at new school
  12. thank you for the invite
    its a lovely color dear and how darling of them to stamp on a horse!!

  13. That is a lovely bag, the colour is great! Congrats to your daughter! [emoji8]
  14. wow thats a beautiful bag! congrats to your daughter!
  15. How nice! The first special handbag or school bag is such a memorable thing. I was given a small Coach in high school that I treasured for a long time.
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