A Spafeetie??

  1. So today I'm at LV and my SA and I decide to have lunch as we walk out and step onto the escalators we are just chatting away then we step off the escalator and standing right in our view is a woman with a mono speedy that has these huge feet on them. I never comment on the many fakes that I see at malls or anywhere else and had not even planned to comment on this one the funny thing about this is that when she saw my SA and I step off the escalator she literally hid her speedy behind her back. Neither my SA or I could believe the actions of this lady. Interesting enough he stated that if she or anyone enters their boutique with a blatant fake they are immediately asked to leave the store:yes:.

    I took a look at the new things and they are so very pretty. Twinkle- the bag we spoke of they did not have any in the store.. Sorry:sad:.
    I purchased two accessories and am keeping my fingers sooo crossed that I get a yes. which the mgr seemed to think it would be just fine... A special order... Passy PM in Damier... please ladies pray for me ... that they agree.... I will find out on Wednesday...:flowers:
  2. That is so funny! Guess she wasn't feeling so special when she saw you guys! ;P

    Hope they are able to do your SO!! That would be one awesome bag! Let us know!
  3. Lol, that's so funny. I saw a fake MC alma with all kinds of weird bright colors on it in the mall today, like neon everything.. Blech!

    I hope you get your special order!! We will need lotsa pics if you do get it :biggrin:
  4. omg... I'm backing you 100%! I hope you get to SO the Passy in Damier it would look elegant indeed.

    Good luck, Jean! Keep us informed...
  5. Keep us updated on the SO! That would be gorgeous!
  6. Good to know they're asked to leave the store!!!! :biggrin:
  7. Oh Jean--the passy PM in Damier sounds divine! :drool:
    Fingers and toes crossed for you...please keep us posted!

  8. I didn't realise that a person carrying a fake LV would be asked to leave an LV store. I understand that a store may have the right to refuse service but I didn't think it would be having a fake bag in the store.

    I remember seeing a mom and her young daugter who had a fake Papillon in an LV store, but they were talking to the SA about one of the real LV purses. I did think it was ironic, though, that she was there with her fake purse.

    Good luck with your special order!!! I saw your special order Damier Noe in another thread and loved it!!!
  9. bleah. fakes like that hurt my feelings..
  10. people are asked to leave the store when they carry a fake bag? what would they say to the customer? "Sorry, your bag is fake... get outta here?"
  11. ohh didn't know they ask you to leave.. interesting...
  12. she hid it behind her back. LOL. that's HILARIOUS.
  13. Ladies:
    Please read my post again..it states "
    she or anyone enters their boutique with a blatant fake they are immediately asked to leave the store" I never stated or eluded to a blanket policy across all Louis Vuitton boutiques.
  14. I wasn't confused about that policy applying to all Louis Vuitton boutiques, but rather what the actual store who does enforce this policy actually says to the customer.

    I could never imagine someone asking a customer to leave because they have a fake bag- as embarassing as it is to carry a fake bag :roflmfao: .

    Sorry for the confusion!
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