A spa for inside of your bag

  1. I was on the phone yesterday with NYC regarding my BB Kelly (the scratch became better after a Meltonian treatment but there is still a problem area), I was then asking as I have a bag that has sort of an oil smudge inside... I was told they do not work on the inside of the bag..... I was a bit surprised to learn this... Claude said I could send it in anyway and he would have a look at it... But what do you do when something happens inside your bag ? anyone any experiences?
  2. H&H: I was told the same thing too (Re: craftsmen won't clean the interior of a bag). The reason they gave is due to hygiene. When a bag sent for cleaning, the craftsman will work on the exterior only.
  3. That is good to know pursenality... I remember that a tpf member was upset after a cleaning... there was still something in her bag (a wrap or something) and she felt the bag wasnt cleaned right... now we know that it is because they don't do the inside... but I'm happy Claude is going to look anyway to see if he can do something. That's very nice
  4. Hygiene reasons? Hmmm... i would have thought that the exterior of the bag would be dirtier than the inside? Unless one has the habit of puking inside their birkins or other unmentionables??? I don't get it...
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    Well I was thinking about this.. maybe people toss all sorts of things in their bags... make up, nail polish and you constantly will have to deal with this? that was my reasoning... I'm certain my spot is make up related and I feel stupid probably didn't close something... but I think it is nice of Claude to look at it anyway.
  6. I just sent my Birkin in for cleaning. I'd found some tiny black spots on the zip pocket. Not sure if it's ink stains but I highlighted it to the SA and he took note of it. I'm hoping the craftsman can get rid of the spots. But now that everyone's saying they don't work on the inside.... :sad:
  7. Well Claude said to me he would have a look at it and see what he can do so I'm sure he will the same with your bag :smile:
  8. Wow, that's really an eye opener! I had no idea they just did the outside. Hope Claude can help you out with this. Am rooting for you!
  9. Dirty kleenex/germs inside bag?
    Remember the member who got a Birkin back from the spa with a gum wrapper or something left in it? This would explain that.
    I vacuum inside of my bags with the little attachments for the computer keyboard.
  10. What about conditioning the leather inside the bags? The inside needs conditioning too! Especially bags with strap slides like the Birkins, kellys HACs etc? The pockets? Maybe that's why some linings rip on older bags.
  11. Yes I was also told the same thing about Hermes policy of not cleaning or doing anything to the inside of an H bag while it is in the spa. They only clean and reconditions the outside of the bag. The only exception, I heard, is if the zipper broke, or the inside leather is ripped or something like that, in which case they would have to replace the whole inside anyway.

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  13. I don't think it's a good enough excuse for not treating the inside. It's not like most birkin carriers have syringes or similar (I would guess) floating about when they give teir bags a spa treatment. To me, cleaning the inside is just as important, especially if you carry stylos and other things.
  14. What, don't they use latex or other gloves? I can't see them cleaning or conditioning the outside barehanded all day. They must wear something? Inside/outside whats the diff?
  15. ^^ Wait a minute. I get my bags serviced at Beverly Hills and the insides have always been reconditioned/cleaned and appear polished. Even one of my vintage pieces, which I purchased smelling horridly of moth balls, was "treated" on the inside and the smell was gone when I picked it up 6 weeks later. I did mention the odor issue and was assured that they would do everything possible. Came back like new, inside and out.

    The inside needs as much conditioning and cleaning as the outside if the entire bag is to last and not dry out/crack. Maybe they just don't treat specific stains??