A Sort Of Happiness and Rant

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  1. I was so excited that I finally got my katy legacy stripe tote!!! So exciting!!!:yahoo::yahoo: So I went to this Coach store that I have never been to...so I get it and they have to ship it to me since there weren't any in the store. So the girl asks me my name and I spell it out for her then I go why don't I just hand you my id. So I hand her my id then she cant read or something since she definately spelt my name wrong. Then I got a thank you card and my name and address and everything about me was wrong... WOW exciting for my new bag but I am so mad at that SA!!! Well thanks for listening!!!:tup:

  2. I want a Katy SOOO BAD. Post pics!!!
  3. i will i just need to send them to myself....but its huge i didnt imagine it being that big its like the size of me my boyfriends says...its awesome but looks like i live in my bag....i just need the wristlet now...
  4. I'd die for that bag. How did you find it???
  5. i went to the store told them the style # they told me only 10 were left and they ordered me one of the last ones....and said we don't know if you will get it but we will refund you if you dont get it...
  6. Congrats on finding a Katy! :yahoo:

    Sorry your experience with the SA wasn't so great.