a solution to the "pen in purse" problem

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Like many tpfers, I put the contents of my bag into smaller cosmetic and other zipper bags to protect the lining and make it eaier to switch out bags. But "what to do with the pen?" has always been a problem. I like carrying a pen and I want it to be easily accessible but I don't want to risk ink marks on the lining of my bag.

    Recently, I was at a conference with vendor exhibits and SONY was giving away pens inside of small, individual, secure, transparent penholders. labeled with their logo. I've replaced the free pen with my personal pen (see scans below) and now I feel pretty safe carrying it inside the zipper pocket of my bag.

    I would like to buy more of these pen holders in case the little closure loop breaks on this one (or perhaps find a sturdier model) does anyone know where you can buy indiviual pen holders? Or do you have another solution to the "pen problem"?

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  2. Is that a hard case or a soft, plastic case? I'm with you; I'm on the hunt for something that would protect my bag in the event the pen leaks, breaks, etc. Good luck with finding one, and if you do, please PM to let me know where you got one!
  3. These pen holders look useful. I too like to carry a pen in my bag. Right now I carry a Pilot retractable roller ball, keep it in the interior pocket and hope for the best. I haven't had a problem so far.
  4. Not as attractive, but maybe a travel holder for a toothbrush? I haven't tried it, the thought just came to me now. Kind of large for a pen but hey, it's a thought
  5. Katev, Firstly, I gotta tell you, I love your avatar! I just looooove that bag! :love: Ok, back to subject, I think this is a really great question. I keep mine along with a pack of tissues, miscellaneous papers, cell and office keys in a pouch in my bag. I would think a purse organizer would do the trick though since they include several pen compartments.
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    It's a soft plastic case; I'll let you know if I find something better. I like this soft, plastic case because it isn't bulky and you can easily slip it (and your pen) into almost any-sized purse.
  7. It's my favorite bag, thanks!

    I used to keep the pen in a zipper pouch but it was a bit of a hassle having to fish out the pouch, unzip it, and dig out the pen. That's why I am trying this individual pen holder and have my fingers crossed that it will work.
  8. It's an idea, I'll check it out, thanks!
  9. I keep all of my pens in a little plastic case. I think it is actually a case for index cards though? I am in still in college so I carry a lot of pens/markers. I really like the case because it has a snap and is easy to open/close.
  10. I keep mine inside a very small plastic bag. Any plastic bag or container works.
  11. get a cometic bag , most purses have matches. Put your lipstick, pens, mints, small hand sanatizer, small perfume sample, (I even carry a swiss army knife) etc. Switch fast between bags, or dump out and put in other cosmetic bag for other purse, etc, more things to buy! yippee, so many great cosmetic bags
  12. Oh! I just noticed your avatar, coach has the great legacy stripe kiss clasp wristlet thats perfect for this, the wrist strap comes off, and it's roomy for all you'll need, keeps your purse so neat too, so easy to find things
  13. If the lid of the pen is closed how on earth is it going to mark the inside of your purse? I'd just throw the pen in as is, no need for a pouch.

    I think you're being a little over protective of your purse.
  14. Pens can explode and then it's ink everywhere. A very reasonable fear for someone spending a lot of money on a purse.