A sobering "headcount" for Purple Reissues

  1. I don't know if this has been posted before, but I went to the Chanel boutique in Orlando last night and my SA there told me that Chanel Boutiques had only ordered 65 of the metallic purple reissues in the 226 size. This "count" was the total for ALL Chanel Boutiques in the US! Her store is small, so she was only getting two. I think Vegas only got 10?

    Saks only got around 65 of the 225 size in purple. That was their count for the entire US as well. The purple 225 reissue is even in their catalog and they totally sold out of them the first week they arrived. They won't even be able to "show" the bag at the trunk shows because it isn't available anymore.

    If the counts are so low for these two stores I'm sure it's the same story at NM. I wonder if Europe gets more or less then the US?

    As far as the other colors go, I don't know if the counts are the same as the purple or less.

    Just something to keep in mind if you want to get one of these bags! If you see one...grab it! :p
  2. Chanel on E. 57th street only received 6 purple in the 227 size. Two were sold off the reserve list by an SA that knew better. They haven't been able to get any other Chanel stores to transfer any purple 227s over to replace the 2 that should have gone to customers on the list.

    Dark red is even more limited than purple.
  3. I passed the purple reissue as I did not like it that much in person. Another person posted that there is supposed to be a purple lambskin flap for pre-fall so those that just like purples may still be in luck this year.
  4. OMG Mon, this fiasco happened at the Chanel on E 57th??!! :wtf: If I would have lost out on my purple because of that SA, I would have flown over there to kick some bootay!! I hope that SA was reprimanded for her/his careless decision. :tdown: Reserve lists are there for a reason.
  5. There are already 5 purple Reissues on eBay for ridiculous prices. I'm wondering how many people actually buy them at Chanel to use for themselves...
  6. I was listed somewhere for a purple "227" size very early, and even gave the SA the new style number to avoid all the confusion due to changes. When I called recently to ask about status, I found out I was listed for the wrong size. :wtf: It was an honest mistake, but with the demand, there's no way for the SA to fix it. Quite rightly, you can't snatch a bag from somewhere or someone else. I think I'd feel worse if my bag was purposefully sold to someone not on the list.
  7. I told my SA at the boutique I wanted the purple in 227 size. I know this boutique is not getting any purple. She called last week to let me know that she's working on getting me the 227. I'm not holding my breath. I don't know where she would get it from and I know waitlists are a mile long. I will not go eBay route. I saw a 227 on eBay already for $3600.:wtf: I don't think I want it that bad.
  8. My SA at Chanel said that she may be able to get a couple. However, Chanel will only ship to a billing address (no PO Box or overseas shipping). I would be willing to provide her store contact info via PM if anyone needs it. I was in the store last week and got my metallic purple WOC.

    BTW, I was told that most boutiques were getting 2-3 of each.
  9. My SA at chanel also said he might be able to get couple. he said only 2 people wait list for purple so far, but the navy he sold out already. the purple in his store will be come in 2 weeks. the red is very2 limited though...
    and yes, some stores dont want to transfer to another, i been told by other SA from SCP. usually they can try to look up at computer and do transfer fr another store, but this time she said no??!:sad:
  10. I saw a navy 3 days ago in Bal Harbour, FL.
  11. yeah, sometimes just need to look harder and call around...
    usually smaller size 225 and 224 are a lot easier to find than the 227 or 226. good luck to everyone...:yes:
  12. I feel lucky I'm not on the hunt for this one. It seems really hard ..
  13. hi swOpp! I freaked out at the prices they were asking for the 225 : up to $3800 lol!
    yesterday I saw a 227 from a well-known ebay seller ,don't dare to mention the price:wtf:
    must add that all sellers were from the States and Hong Kong! it's actually very sad for everyone in the States who were waitlisted to see that these sellers get them just to resell them so high!
    Moreover I noticed that they are passing last year's black met/dark silver met and light silver met as new/2008 reissues :tdown:!If you check closely at the dimentions and the H/W you can see what I mean!
    To the OP ,our C/b in Vienna got as far as I know 2 purple,2 navy and 2 gold reissues all in 32/227.
    that was in the end of January and as I was told same thing was going for most continental Europe bs.I have no idea if they are getting any other colours and sizes in the future as I am not going to buy any other metallic reissue:smile:
  14. Me too! I'm so glad I don't like purple. I do hope that everyone who wants one gets their wish!
  15. I'm wondering whether they will sell at these prices... I highly doubt it, at least not as long as the bags are still available/awaited at stores