A Sneak Peek at Richard Paul Evans' Highly Anticipated Novel (10/5)

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  1. I know we have a "What are you Reading" thread, but since this book hasn't been released yet, well, obviously, I'm not reading it! I know there's been talk about a possible Book sub-forum, but that hasn't happened yet, so all I have is this!!

    Richard Paul Evans is one of my fav authors. He's actually a very close second to Nicholas Sparks (I guess I could call it even!). RPE writes inspirational love stories. They're not romance novels, but love stories in the truest sense about friends & family. His very first book, THE CHRISTMAS BOX, was written as a Xmas gift for family and friends, one of who passed it along to a publisher and well, the rest is history!! More than 8 million copies of the book have been published all over the world. It became a Hallmark movie starring Richard Thomas & Maureen O'Hara and inspired the creation of The Christmas Box International which partners with local & international communities & groups to prevent child abuse & to improve the quality of life for children who have been abused or neglected (https://www.thechristmasboxhouse.org/site/) and THE CHRISTMAS BOX LIFESTART INITIATIVE, which provides aid and support to youth of the foster care system who are turning 18, entering into adulthood & a world on their own, who have little or no guidance (http://www.operationkids.org/lifestart/)

    I have loved each & every one of his books (my favorite is The Sunflower, inspired by an orphanage of the same name located in Peru & real humanitarian efforts that that are included in the story!) and look forward to every October when his newest book is usually released . As a "gift" to his readers and fans, RPE posted the Preface and first two chapters on his FB page and I have to say that after reading it, I cannot WAIT for it to finally be released (and it may just knock Sunflower from its No. 1 spot!)

    If you'd like to sample a piece of Richard's work or are curious about this book - or maybe you're a fan and already know about him, but didn't know you could get a sneak preview, I urge you to give it a quick read! I can't say enough about this wonderful man and truly inspirational author. I'm fairly certain that you can find at least ONE of his books that you will absolutely fall in love with, if not every single one! (altho I'll warn you ahead of time, the end of Chapter 2 is a true cliffhanger and will leave you asking, "How could you do that to me?"!!



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  2. :yahoo::yahoo: The Book is Out!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    Anyone else here reading it?
    Just started -- can't wait to finish
    If you haven't read this author before, I can't recommend his books enough!