A smaller monogram shawl?!

  1. Is there or was there ever a smaller version of the Monogram Shawl? :confused1:


    Background story:
    My boyfriend got me a scarf from Ebay as a back-to-school present (bless his soul for trying to fuel my obsession :love:) which I have never seen before, so I kinda doubt it's authenticity :s (I'll try to get pics up as soon as possible, but I have load my cam first)

    It kinda looks like the normal Monogram Shawl in a chocolately brown tone, but it's only about 55 inches (about 140cm) in square. The pattern is almost exactly like the monogram shawl's except that it doesn't say "Louis Vuitton Paris" on the bottom. It's just all Monograms and Flowers.

    The tag looks just like the one of a shawl that was recently sold by rebaccalou.

    Any advice :shrugs:

    TIA :flowers:
  2. hmmm i have no idea... did you check vuitton.com?
  3. I did ... but there's nothing on there :shrugs: ... the scarf is supposed to already be a couple of years old so maybe it's discontinued (but maybe it's fake afterall :s)
  4. I have to say that some of the symbols look odd. Take it to your nearest boutique and have them check it.
  5. That's exactly my problem :sad: My shedule is just so stuffed for the next 4 weeks that I'm afraid I can't squeeze a trip in since my nearest LV is a 1.5h drive away

    That's why I wanted the tPFers to have a look at it

    About the symbols: They are all absolutely even.

    The pics I took are REALLY bad. Somehow I can't figure out how to used decent lighting, etc. I'll ask my SO to help me make pictures that do the scarf justice when he comes back from work. In the pics I took it looks really cheap and ugly, it's way more pretty IRL.
  6. LOL, actually I just found the woven "Louis Vuitton Paris"

    it's not on the bottom, it's in the upper right corner (written down the side)