a small v-day gift from tiffany's!

  1. so i happened to wander into tiffany's with some girlfriends who wanted to look at diamonds...and picked up their spring catalog to peruse through later. in it, i found something i'd never seen before, an interlocking ring necklace that reminds me so much of the cartier love neacklace i've always lusted over - for a fraction of the price! i not so subtly pointed it out to DH who bought it for me for valentine's day :smooch:. turns out, it's not listed online, sold out in the tri-state area, and was just released! as DH says, i always seem to pick the most difficult things to find. after much searching, he managed to get it shipped from the tiffany's phone number...and bought it for me even though i just bought myself a LV mizi! here's my new interlocking circles pendant! i'm planning on getting elongated by an inch or two later today (it's 16" and i prefer 18")
    IMG_2040.jpg IMG_2041.jpg IMG_2042.jpg IMG_2043.jpg
  2. Oooo Shells it's gorgeous, congrats.
  3. Congrats, it is beautiful!
  4. I love it, I was thinking about that exact necklace myself, im sure you are very happy =)
  5. It's lovely! There's really something about receiving a gift from Tiffany's from your SO, isn't there? The first gift my fiancee ever got me was a necklace from Tiffany, and I've worn it every day since :smile:
  6. Congrats, that's SO pretty!!
  7. So pretty!! Its on my list now! Congrats
  8. cute, congrats. Happy Valentines day.
  9. Interlocking rings.. what a perfect valentines gift!
  10. thanks, everyone! i brought it back to tiffany's today, and they are elongating it to 18" free of charge...but now i have to wait 2 weeks to wear it :crybaby:. but i'm excited to get it back! i've been looking for a cartier love necklace-style for awhile now, and am so happy that tiffany's decided to make this!:yes:
  11. congrats!
  12. It's very pretty!
  13. Oh wow, that is pretty!
  14. Very cute! I am thinking of getting this necklace myself :smile: