A Small Thursday Afternoon Reveal...

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  1. So, my UPS man has been and delivered to me a lovely white box! :biggrin:

    I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it for the first time online!

    I have never experienced something so small making my heart sing, but this really does! I am still beaming ear to ear from opening this package! The photographs cannot do it justice it is just gorgeous!

    I am so pleased I managed to get one, frivolous... perhaps, but I knew I would regret it if I missed out!! :yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. OOOH, a live reveal!
  3. oooo wot is it??

    is it jewellery?
  4. Ohhhh, very exciting. I will guess at a keyring?
  5. Drew mini??
  6. I call keyring!!!
  7. :graucho:

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  8. jewellery....
  9. or maybe a keyring....
  10. Okay, now I vote keyring, too....
  11. Me too, I vote keyring.
  12. ooooo come on :smile:
  13. My guess is the letter box one! Ohh how I love that keyring!
  14. Okay, you've guessed it... a keyring!

    Almost ashamed to admit how much a keyring has made my heart sing.. but there you have it :P

    Introducing, my little gingerbread Hayden...

    Took one on my hand for size reference, though I do have big man hands! As I was not really sure what size to expect when I ordered. Excessive photographs for a keyring, but I am so in love :love:

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  15. Thats lovely Miss Mabel congrats:biggrin:
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