A small shopping tote in patent leather - does it exist?

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  1. I went to look around at the Chanel boutique and fell in love with a small classic shopping tote.
    The SA showed me a lager version in patent leather - I liked the patent leather immediately and asked her if the smaller version exists in patent leather, too. But she said: NO! :crybaby:

    Now, I've seen one on eBay... does it really not exist? Or was the bag on eBay a fake?

  2. are you referring to the Petit Shopping Tote or the Timeless classic Tote in small?
    I'm pretty sure the PST has been available in patent before, I'm unsure of what each store ordered this season.
    SAKS will carry some different pieces than NM, NM will carry some different pieces than the boutiques, etc. . . . .
    call around.
  3. I would love a timeless classic tote in patent, but I don't this there's one out right now.
    I would love to be wrong.
  4. there's a Medallion in patent right now.
  5. I was referring to the Petit Shopping Tote. But the Timeless Classic Tote you've mentioned looks interesting, too....

    Let's say I'm looking for a handbag that fits all my essential stuff like wallet, keys, sunnies, umbrella, agenda, small water bottle, magazines etc.
    I'd like it to be timeless and black. And I love the patent leather.

    Unfortunately the closest Chanel boutique is 180km away. I don't live in the US - but in Germany. I can't call Saks or others because they won't ship to Germany and even if they do I would have to pay a huge sum for customs and tax (which is 19% here).

    At the boutique the SA was a bit rude - she didn't show me more than 2 bags and kept on saying: IF I return, IF I am interested, IF... semms like she thought I would never buy something there!
  6. NM will ship but you're probably right about customs.
    Don't buy from a rude SA. . . call the Chanel toll free # and ask them about the Petit Shopping Tote
  7. You're right I shouldn't buy something from her. But what's the Chanel toll free #?

    (I'm new to Chanel handbags. This will be my first and I still have to save up for it a few weeks.)
  8. ^ The European Chanel Customer Service isn't toll free.

    I just checked my Chanel catalog, this is the number for Germany : 01801 - 24 26 35
  9. #9 Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
    Ohhh!!! Thank you sooo much for looking it up for me!!! :yahoo:
    I'll call them immediately!

    I called: But there's no one picking up the phone - they'll call me back.