A small reveal....

  1. After reading the thread "scarves for man" and how a man can look great in one:tup: I could not help but also get one for myself!!!

    So off to H and came back with this.....

  2. :couch:
  3. :nuts::nuts:
  4. It is aux portes du palais in chaudron/orange vif/rose!


    and an action shot....

  5. WoooW!!It's a gorgeous scarf!!!!You look great!!Congrats!!!!
  6. Congratulations!

    I like this a lot. You look :tup:.
  7. it looks so great on you!
  8. Woooooow! Looks great! Congratulations!
  9. I love that colourway! It looks stunning on you. Congrats!
  10. nice. :tup:
  11. Wow, what an eye opener! Congrats!
  12. Good choice!! I really like how it looks on you, and the colors are perfect for you!
  13. Looks great on you. I love that scarf :love: You are a very stylish young man.
  14. Looks gorg on you!!!
  15. Thanks everyone!!