A small reveal from winterwonderland

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  1. [​IMG]

    Something that has been sitting waiting in the closet for a few weeks but cam out for valentines ;)
  2. ooh a live reveal:woohoo:
  3. is it going to take 2 hours and 200 posts? ;)
  4. [​IMG]

  5. ha ha :nuts:
  6. Ooh what could it be??? :thinking:
  7. I normally dont use handbags to work as I have to much to carry and to far to walk. I use a backpack (bergans of norway 35 l) so this is gonna be handy to have in the backpack to keep my phone and purse in.
    And I can look good when I run out for lunch :smile:

  8. what a great idea - a sweet little clutch to give you some glamour at lunchtime!


    (Sorry - Jazzy took rather a long time last night to reveal her buy hence my question!)
  9. Thanks!

    Yea, I seen Jazzy's reveal. Crazy!! :biggrin:
  10. [​IMG]



    That short strap is to no use I think. But will have a look in my mums bagcloset to see if I can find a longer strap the next time I am in her house. Messengerstyle it would be perfect for concerts and night out.
  11. Joelle together with my other valentinegift burberry the beat :biggrin:


  12. ooh I like it with the small strap too- very classy- enjoy
  13. I looked at one of these in the week and thought it would be better with a longer strap - great for nights out....in the dim and distant days that i used to go clubbing this kind of bag was a godsend!

    Ah those were the days.....

    love the landscape shots you are showing us...is it very snowy in Norway??
  14. Congrats kvamkvam - lovely bag!
  15. oh how cute its lovely. congrats