A small reveal from 31, Rue Cambon!

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  1. I'm fairly new to TPF and this is my first reveal. I've truly enjoyed logging onto TPF everyday and looking at everyone's goodies. One day I will get my first bag but until then I'm living through everyone else on here :smile:

    My DH and I just back from Paris Sunday night and it was such an amazing trip! Even though we got married 6 months ago this was our honeymoon and it was so worth the wait!

    I only had three things on my checklist. Goto the Eiffel Tower, the original Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Our hotel was right next to the Ave Montaigne store but just wouldn't do. The rue Cambon store was everything I dreamed of and more! It was breathtaking and so magical to say Coco Chanel was there herself! My SA was so nice and sweet too! I got two pairs of earrings and a bottle of No 5.

    Thanks for letting me share my story! I show my husband something I see on TPF everyday! At first he was hesitant of this Chanel addiction but he's coming around. He told me I could get my dream bag a Caviar Maxi but I'm still warming up to that price tag!
    image-2227108881.jpg image-198060025.jpg image-3020806650.jpg image-1982555483.jpg image-4054147178.jpg image-1310005882.jpg image-4263273743.jpg
  2. It's a great experience going to the rue cambon store :smile:

    Congrats with your goodies, they are gorgeous :flowers:
  3. Thank you Bjorn! I hope it won't be my last time too :smile:
  4. Great pics! I love the one of you in front of the store. Enjoy!
  5. Congrats on your Marriage and your honeymoon goodies!
  6. Thats nice!!
  7. Thank you so much ladies! It was def a dream come true!
  8. Very pretty congratulations.

    What's in the LV bag? :smile:
  9. Sorry! A zippy monogram wallet and coin purse to go with my Neverfull and Speedy :smile:
  10. Love it congratulations on the cles and wallet. Enjoy everything
  11. Love your goodies! Congrats!
  12. I loved your reveal, your goodies are gorgeous and your story is special. Thanks for sharing it with us :hugs:
  13. Thank you! Thanks for letting me share!

  14. You look like you had too much fun!!! Enjoy all your lovely purchases! The addiction is just starting. Try to get your husband trained properly!!
  15. Your purchases are all gorgeous, and it is great that you were able to do all the three things on your list. Did you wait a long time to get in the Eiffel Tower? I hope they have already fixed the elevators. :smile: