A small haul from Europe

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  1. Is the red one to the left the new cross body one??? If so, can I see more pics and what’s the name and price on that one?
  2. It’s call Plumet. 945 euros. This bag is compose of three compartments. Both first and third one is identical and each has a card slot made of leather. The middle compartment can be zipped up. Back of the crossbody has another pocket.

    167E6646-7752-4E5E-9FE3-E611BF0C07D2.jpeg BA361625-F383-44ED-92EC-F17BBD7563CE.jpeg
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  3. Congrats on your purchases!

    I didn't realise the Voltaire was so reasonably priced, definitely one to go on my wishlist now!
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  4. I think you convinced me to get the Voltaire
    I hope they have it in stock when I’m in Paris next month. The price is very attractive for such a beautiful tote.
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  5. @Prada Prince @Sycomore I was rather surprised at the price for such a large bag. And the price listed in Euros is not even detax yet! With Dollar on the rise, you will be able to get an even better deal than me! Happy shopping! :yahoo:
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  6. Haha, unfortunately I'm based in London, so I won't get any detaxe. But am definitely keeping this on my radar for the future!
  7. Lol. Ooops, I guess less of a good deal for you. I’m assuming it is still slightly cheaper to buy Goyard on the continent than UK?
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  8. Yes it is, I buy all of my Goyard in Paris.
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