A small haul from Europe

  1. Finally made it to Europe! Bought a few things for myself and of course had to haul some stuff back for sis as well. That’s what brother is for right? ;)

    Without further ado...


    Voltaire, pencil box, mini senat for me. Passport wallet, plumet, anjou for sis.

    Thanks for letting me share! :hbeat:
  2. Gorgeous!!! Can you please share prices in eur for this items?
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  3. Wow. You didn't mess around! Awesome purchases.
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  4. Thank you. Items were purchased in Milan. None EU residents gets 12.5% back after Premier Tax Free takes a cut. Price listed in Euros (April 2018) is pre-VAT refund.

    Mini Anjou in red 1795
    Plumet in red 945
    Senat mini in black 315
    Voltaire in black 1135
    Pencil case in black 520
    Portefeuille Moliere in blue 730
  5. Thank you! I maxed out my allowable purchase. Milan store limits three bags, two slg, and unlimited “other” such as pencil box, candle holders etc. In addition, you can only get two St Louis. They track your purchases via your passport number. This is to prevent resellers:mad: (they just have to ruin it for everyone). If you want to buy more, make sure to drag your kids and/or husband into the store. ;)
  6. Thank you for the detailed price list :smile: I don’t live near any Goyard store and they would not tell you prices over the phone or mail anymore.
    Could you please give some feedback on the Voltaire?
    I have this bag number one in my wishlist. I love the look of this new version, clean lines and less leather.
  7. Im also loving the pencil case! I have never seen this item before, how useful and it looks gorgeous
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  8. I’m fairly new to the Goyard world hence I don’t have version I and II of this tote so I can’t give you a comparison analysis between the older versions vs new one from my personal experience. Visually, there is obviously less leather on the edges which makes the bag looks lighter. This version definitely is more structured and doesn’t get lumpy like the previous versions. However, you probably know this already, it lacks metal feet (which I prefer). There is only one internal pocket. There is still D-rings inside which you can hook a strap on to carry as a shoulder bag. Strap sold separately as you know.

    I’m very happy with this tote. I had to carry it around Milan for an afternoon when I first purchased it because of logistics. It’s actuslly quite a big tote and holds a lot. I put all my new Goyard purchase plus a LV pouchette voyage into the tote and lugged it around that whole afternoon. I literally filled the tote to the brim. It was a bit heavy. I was worry about putting all these weight into my new tote for 4+ hours straight. It performed liked a dream. Next time I’m in Europe, I may have to look for the navy or grey version....:graucho:
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  9. Thumbs up for the structure of the new version, I personally didn’t like the sagging of the older style, in my opinion it doesn’t suit this bag.
    I am planning to buy the grey or black/black version like yours.
    I also wish they had kept the metal feet specially for this type of tote. I like the idea of less leather, as I prefer minimalistic design. Congrats again on your purchases :smile:
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  10. Thank you. I was deciding between the pencil case and Regence mini trunk. In the end, I thought the pencil case is more versatile. The mini trunk, while pretty, feels pricy with not much hardware on it besides the clip in front. Had it been build more like the minaudiere, I would have gotten it. :rolleyes:
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  11. Fantastic haul! I love your Goyard collection. :smile:
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  12. Awww, thank you so much! It’s a small collection. Luckily there isn’t a lot of stuff I want for Goyard so I hope to finish building my Goyard collection in couple years. :biggrin:
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  13. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you get.
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  14. Omg this is all so beautiful! Would you share more pictures of the pencil case?
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  15. Thank you. :smile: Here you go.
    FFB63A43-29F1-4E44-856E-BAC6E52BC66B.jpeg 4B4FD065-AB6B-4B3F-BF7F-9A65ABD340F5.jpeg 8E0EC9BB-7D89-4A28-BB9A-161C693ACFFE.jpeg 490E33F5-D58E-4459-9C1F-05CC5FBF9003.jpeg