A small Gucci collection

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  1. Hi, here's just a few things from my Gucci collection. I love love Gucci shoes!:love:

    the black pair are flats and they come in brown as well. :yes:

    the heels are from the spring/summer '06 collection.

    then theres the hip/waist pouch, medium size tote with red/green straps and the abbey lingotto shoulder bag.

    IMG_0433.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0451.jpg
  2. awesome stuff! the shoes are really pretty
  3. I love those shoes!
  4. Oooh I love your abbey !
  5. Very nice :smile: thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
  7. love them all!! Especially the flats, v.cute!!!
  8. Wonderful collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing.:flowers:
  9. nice collection, the bamboo flats are nice.
  10. lovely collection!!! thanks for sharing!
  11. niceeee :smile:
  12. love ur collection
    wish u buy more bags..
    keep us posted
  13. you got nice gucci shoes... wish I had one.. so pretty..
  14. great collection! i absolutely love the flats, they seem very functional AND pretty.
  15. Gorgeous Gucci collection!!!
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