A small exchange

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  1. Hi everyone, I need some advice. I have returned a mabel keyring I purchased as it was damaged when received. I am wanting to exchange it for either a Bayswater chocolate pouch or Zip purse in chocolate.... I cannot decide!!! There is only a 8 pound difference in price. Any suggestions?!!! Does anyone have a pic of the pouch in use? I have scanned the reference guide but I could not find one.
    Thanks everyone and can I say that I love love love the forum and I probably spend a little to much time here!!:biggrin:
  2. Do you have pics of the zip pouch?

    Which one do you really need would you say out of the two?
  3. I have two other mulberry purse/wallets so I suppose the pouch but I really love purses...:shrugs:
  4. Will you really use another purse though?