A Small collection from Phoebe

  1. hi.....
    i am so happy that i know this forum and know a lot of ladies that has the same habbies with me......
    i gonna share my little collection hope you dont mind. :P
    let me introduce myself........i am 21 yeard old right now, and i am a college student. I LOVE SHOPPING :heart:

    Pic 1.....whole Family together
    Pic 2.....Hangbag
    Pic 3.....Shoulder Bag

    they are from different brand..

    Louis Vuitton
    Miu Miu

    HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT :lol:and sorry about i dont know how to make it large...:upsidedown:
    照片 014 (Medium).jpg 照片 018 (Medium).jpg 照片 020 (Medium).jpg
  2. stunning!!! thanks for sharing.
  3. Great collection! Love the variety!
  4. Lovely! I love how you have variety in your collection!
  5. Love it, especially the Dior cannage ! :yes:
  6. wow I LOVE your collection! :biggrin:
  7. I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. *drool * what an awesome collection!!!
  9. gorgeous! love the paddy!
  10. i am so happy about hearing that you like it. :P
    thank you all.:love:
  11. Small collection?!? Mines is so tiny compared to yours :upsidedown:
    I :heart: your collection! Everything so pretty :smile:
  12. loves it!!!! great taste throughly enjoyed looking at the pics. thank you!!:P
  13. Wow I can tell you definitely love handheld bags!! I love the variety.
  14. thanks you. the ladies here are so sweet :lol:
    yeah, sometime i feel shoulder bag is easy to fall off my shoulder..so i love handheld bag. HAHA!!:wlae:
  15. wow, i don't think your collection is small. thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
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