a small chanel (baby cabas)dilemma...HELP!!!

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  1. ladies please help me decide..I am really inlove w/ the baby cabas (i love the size..the style..it's perfect!!)...I have both dark silver and khaki however I am still lusting for a black one...

    would 3 baby cabas bags be too much?:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    your thoughts pls...


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  2. I just got my black baby cabas this morning, and absolutely love it!!! But for me personally, I wouldn't get more than one in the same style:nogood:.
  3. I have a vinyl cabas and a bronze baby cabas! I love them... I think if you really want a black one, go ahead!
  4. I have three... teal, dark silver and black.:nuts:

    The smaller cabas is just so functional, I love it......or them and that's all that matters.
  5. I have the black one. - I LOVE MINE !! :rolleyes:
    But I think having the same bag in three different colors is too much.

    Maybe if you really want a black one, you can consider selling one of the 2 that you have. - Just a thought ..
  6. Hmm...I think if you really love the style and use the bags that much, you should get the black one!

    But since the dark silver and the khaki are KIND of similar tones, maybe you could sell one of those and just have a black and a metallic?

    Or just have all 3! (I love enabling) :yahoo:
  7. How about selling either dark silver and khaki (a bit similar) to fund a black one? =)
  8. Not really. Go for the black!!!
  9. I have three flap bags and my friend thinks I am nuts even though the colors are different. If you really love the cabas line, get it!
  10. Hmmm ... if you think your spending too much money on too many of the same style bags. Get someone to get it for you as a gift. Then you won 't be left with too much guilt!
  11. lucky gal, which one do you love more?
  12. I think if you really love this style bag and see yourself using them years from now then it is a good investment...I now have four GSTs and know in my heart these bags will be with me for many, many years....
  13. ^^ I love both colors...tee hee hee...

    i think I may not get the black anymore...I am saving up for a perfect pink caviar jumbo flap:tup::heart:
  14. i would say sell one of the khaki or dark silver and get the black :yes:
  15. I won't get 3 ..
    I would buy perhaps 2 same bags in different color... but not 3...
    just My opinion!