A small but special reveal


Aug 4, 2008
Hi all,

I am excited to be sharing with you my very first piece of Chanel! I'm usually only an admirer on this area of the forums so I'm a little excited. Apologies for the long winded story coming up. :graucho:

As you can see this little treat came all the way from Paris, and I actually I turned up here not realising which store it was at first. Originally when I'd left home I was going to wander round just to experience Chanel first hand. However, since I was travelling alone, and especially since I had been rained on for my entire trip, I decided I deserved a little something special IF they had something I loved that was within my budget.

Which brings me to the piece. It is a gorgeous red lambskin coin purse. I have a small Saint Laurent duffle and the purse I have at the moment is fine for using in my Givenchy, but while I love my purse, it only just fits in the duffle and keeps getting scuffed, so a smaller purse seemed a practical purchase...or rather I rationalised it to be practical...

The service was amazing, I spent about 10 minutes just deciding between two colours and they were incredibly patient. They were also so friendly and helpful, despite me looking very wet and touristy with my backpack on, which I had been worried about. All my bags prior to this have been online buys so this was even more of a treat for me!

Thank you for letting me share (and ramble on)!



Dec 11, 2013
Love this colour, and love that you had such a great shopping experience!


❤️ Lambskin Lover ❤️
Apr 13, 2012
Congrats; this is lovely! Your first Chanel is so special and how fabulous that you found it in Paris!