A small but big punch reveal...

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  1. 3CB61ECA-8D09-451F-B87B-FA96A0BEEA53.jpeg Picked this up today, luv it.
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  2. 446EEB22-D370-4FD8-9923-57ED3CDD8AAD.jpeg The fam of petite Malle collection...
  3. Love it!! Congratulations!
  4. Beautiful! Your entire collection of LV is amazing!
  5. What a handsome family. :biggrin: Congrats.
  6. Lovely collection.
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  7. Oh my gosh you've got so many of them! I think the petite malle is such a perfect collector's piece-- although not for me personally! :smile: Love the different combinations you've got going on.
  8. Love all of them!! Congrats!
  9. OMG! Your collection is beautiful.
  10. Gorgeous! Wonderful addition to your amazing collection!!
  11. Beautiful trio! Congrats and enjoy!!
  12. CPA, I have to say that I love all your reveals :love: you have so many special bags and mini-collections within your collection :coolio:

    Congrats on your new PM, enjoy!
  13. Congrats! All lovely pieces!
  14. Thank you.
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