A small bomb dropped on me today at work....

  1. I've been at my new job for almost six months now. I love it here and I love the people I work with. We've been planning on expanding our building for a long time now because we are growing SO fast and we're out of room.

    Well, today we find out they hired someone new... and that person is taking my office... and the only place left for me is next to our packaging plant in a cubbyhole with a large-format printer, ink and supplies... there is no carpet, just concrete slab, and no door and everything has to stay in there (the large format printer, stacks of shelving and supplies, rolls of paper), plus cramming my desk in. I'm sick over it. I'm a graphic designer and I can't work where it's noisy like that-- the plant is on the other side of the non-insulated wall, so besides being cold, it's very loud and there is no door, no way to block out sound. This is very much like Milton in Office Space who got moved to the basement, and I know that's kind of amusing, but I'm pretty upset. I'm the only person in Print Production-- everything goes through me before it goes out the door so I feel like my job is very important. I might also mention I am the only girl in my department, which occupies one half of the building we're in.

    I talked to the president of the company and asked if there were any other options, but the only other option is to have MY boss, who is amazing, take that space-- and we can't put our art director in there! So I'm stuck, and I'm miserable. We're moving everything over today, and I'm going to be alone there, isolated from everyone I work with, and it's loud and dusty and noisy but I feel like I've said enough and I just need to suck it up and deal with it.

  2. I'm so sorry, that is a bummer. We are having a lot of changes in our workplace too (in different regards) and I am not liking it much. How big is the office? Is there any way for you to share the space with the new person?
  3. Aren't you the newest person in this company? If so, definitely suck it up.
  4. Since you are the only woman, you might just mention to them that we (women) have really evolved in the business world and deserve to be treated as such.

    This is not 1900 anymore.

    With that said, do you have a hammer?:sad:
  5. Gosh, please don't take this the wrong way, but I would *not* say that. Especially considering the OP has not been at her job very long.

    NO work situation is ever going to be perfect. This is a temporary situation, and if the OP is indeed the least senior among the staff, it's right that she be assigned the less desirable spot. Why in the world would they give that to her boss?

  6. I think the new hire is taking her office.
  7. Why are they giving this new person your office?
  8. I just have put a smily face because that was not meant for her to say that. I forget you gals dont know my sense of humor yet......

    Sorry, not meant to offend.

    And I agree, since OP has only been there for 6 months, it is reasonable to move her.

    But having a hammer would be great to knock a wall out with.
  9. ^^ I don't understand either. Why are they giving the new hire your desk area? That doesn't seem right in the first place. Aren't you supposed to work your way up the ladder when you're the newbie in the office? :confused1:
  10. I'm not the newest person. There are three people newer than I am, and this guy makes the fourth. But he is coming in to manage SALES, whereas I manage print production....

    My boss wanted to take the spot to prove they need to start building our new building -- proving a point-- IE "When the art director is in THERE you know it's time to expand" but I just refuse to let him do that.
  11. When do you think you will move into a new building? If this is a temporary situation, I would deal with it. If this is permanent, I would tell them that I will not work in that environment and they need to fix the problem. There is always a better solution, such as consolidating office space until you move into a larger building. If this "move" is going to negatively influence your work productivity, then you need to push for a compromise. It's easier said than done, but if you become really unhappy, this will spill over into other areas of life...and you don't want that. I have to be comfortable in my work environment...and if I'm not, then I'm moving on to greener pastures. It's that simple with me. I hope this works out for you.
  12. actually, that is the absolute LAST thing you should say to them. ever.

    there's no evidence that she's being moved because of her gender. she's young and new to the company, they're planning on expanding to make more room in the near future, so i'd just suck it up like a professional and show them that you can still turn out great work, even in less-than-ideal workspace.

    immediately playing the gender card makes you sound whiney, entitled, and like a huge HR risk. there are people at my workplace that play the gender or race card every time they're disciplined for anything or any time things don't go exactly their way, and let's just say they're NOT being considered for advancement. it's one thing to complain if there is clear evidence of impropriety or discrimination, but doing it just to get what you want is ridiculously unprofessional. she didn't mention at all that she thought that her workspace was moved because of her gender, and assuming so will NOT help her.

    edit: you replied when i was typing my post, but you might want to make it clearer in the future when you're joking and someone is asking for advice or talking about a delicate situation.
  13. No, I definitely don't want to play the gender card. That's not why they are moving me.... or at least I don't think so.
  14. i can sympathize - i'm about to graduate with a journalism degree, and us print/graphics/etc people always get the crap end of the stick when compared to people in the same company that work in sales.
  15. i recently got promoted at my job - to an exec assistant, but i don't have a desk. i'm still stuck up at the front desk where there's no heat (so I freeze) and don't have a real desk.

    Not to mention.... I'm doing two jobs and getting paid for one. Oh how I love it..

    I can sympathise. Best of luck to you.