A small birthday treat

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  1. I got this as a birthday treat for myself last week. Initially I did get another one but it was too bright and since this would be my first silk scarf I wanted something a little more neutral.
    So with a little help from a friend I got this and I'm so glad I did because I absolutely love it.

    Fantaisie Pittoresque in black/white

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  2. Love this design, beautiful! Happy birthday too!!

  3. Gorgeous!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!
  4. Thank you both. And thanks Mooks, for making my picture bigger.
  5. tillykke! your scarf is fab. :tup:
  6. Happy belated Birthday and love your scarf!
  7. Congrats !! And Happy Belated Birthday.
  8. Lisawhit and Redenkeew, thank you so much.
    Allan, tusind tak.
  9. Livia,its just beautiful!!! I'm so glad you got one that you really love! Its such a versatile looking scarf too,you are going to have lots of wear,and so much fun with it!

    Duh!! How could I forget?? Happy Birthday!!
  10. Chaz, thank you and you are absolutely right to think I will wear it a lot. It really is a beautiful motif and gorgeous when knotted too.
    Thanks again for your help :flowers:
  11. :nuts:

    I didn't know they made this design in black and white! That looks so COOL! :P

  12. Congrats! very nice. Happy Birthday!
  13. Beautiful scarf and happy birthday to you :smile:
  14. Ladyhermes, Fufu, thank you.
    BlueGenes, thank you. I had been looking for something predominantly black and didn't see this motif anywhere. It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon it since this is quite a different scarf compared to the FP in other colorways. And while I think the FP in the other colorways are beyond gorgeous, I do agree with you that this black/white is rather cool.
  15. I love black/white scarves and shawls! This one is a beauty! Happy birthday!