A Slew of Shoe Purchases *PICS*

  1. So over the last month or so...I have done a bit of shoe damage...and wanted to share pics with you fabulous ladies!!!!
    balenciaga 003.jpg balenciaga 004.jpg balenciaga 005.jpg balenciaga 006.jpg balenciaga 007.jpg
  2. A few more!!!!
    balenciaga 008.jpg balenciaga 009.jpg balenciaga 010.jpg
  3. wow! I am drooling! they are gorgeous! The last one what brand is that! They are to die for!

  4. The last ones are Guiseppe Zanotti!! I was dying for them last summer, but couldn't afford them...I think they were @$650. I got them on the winter clearance for about $200. They are like jewelry for the feet!!!!
  5. Gorgeous!!! I especially love the Chloe's!!

  6. Thanks:smile: !! I bought those second-hand for $125!!!!
  7. The boots are AMAZING!!! I love all of them...if only I could walk in such high heels...sigh...
  8. I love your Sergio Rossi's!!! Great finds!!! ENJOY THEM!!!
  9. Sunshine...I just got the boots yesterday for $65!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

    Moviegirl...the Sergio Rossi's are my favorite! I love them, and had to do some serious finagling to get DH to agree. All the other pairs were on sale or secondhand...but I got the last pair of these in HK, and had to pay full price!
  10. UUhh...i love love love your Pierre Hardys...they are TDF....

    GREEEEEEEEEEEEN w/ envy!! :smile:
  11. Gorgeous. You've got great taste in shoes.
  12. I call my Zanotti's bling for the feet. I love how they catch the light and sparkle.
  13. Thank you!! I have decided that I am more of a shoe gal than a handbag gal!!!
  14. I love all of your shoes..
  15. wow!!!!i'm seriously drooling!!!!:drool::drool:
    you're officially the shoe-queen!!!!!!!!!!