A site with beautiful dolls! They look Alive!

  1. I came across this site and it can be a little bit slow on some computers, but i wanted to share with you anyways. These dolls look so alive, amazing!

    Enjoy :smile:
  2. It was realy difficult to load the webpage, but OMG the dolls look SO real. They look just like real kids!
  3. *shudder* slightly more creepy than Dollfies :p They are pretty and her work looks really impressive! But dolls kinda give me the chills :shame:
  4. ^^ ITA. Creepy. When you sleep they might come alive and do horrible things to you..
  5. Wow, very gorgeous but VERY expensive!
  6. I'm only afraid of any doll that looks like Chucky.

    And I only think dolls would be creepy if you had shelf after shelf of them staring at you at night. (Candy Spelling has a doll room and that very thing used to freak Randy Spelling out.)

    The page took forever to load, but from what I could see, they were exquisite!

    I don't think they're meant to be for children, though.
  7. Actually my mom collects these dolls. I have 2 babies that look so real. I'll try and post pics this weekend. One doll looked just like my daughter when she was a baby. I had to have it.
    They're pretty cool.
  8. Wow ! they're fascinating.
  9. Oh gosh I've seen these! My mom loves them. She collects dolls and doesn't have any of these but she does have some that look really lifelike. They're so gorgeous and I admire the people who have the talent to create such works of art.
  10. OH CUTE! This ones my fave:
  11. What a work of art these are. The eyes are so expressive, it's beautiful.
  12. those are really really awesome... but to me, those dolls are up there on the creepy/freaky ladder with the clown from IT and leatherface's chainsaw. *shudder* :push:
  13. :push: :push:

  14. Lol. I've always been around dolls and my mom has always collected them so I guess I've never had any of those "how creepy looking" thoughts :lol:
  15. Very nice but it spooks me out..lol too real looking!