A single Chanel boot again.

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  1. How bizarre? Are these bidders waiting for the left or right to be listed before they get a pair LOL!?
  2. #3 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
  3. Unbelievable!!!!!!
  4. Did the seller break up a pair of boots to sell them seperately?
  5. hahah funny...but hey...$54 for a real chanel boot?? pretty good..now to just find the other one...LMAO
  6. Woowowo!!It is not easy to get another one.:lol:
  7. :shrugs: How odd.
  8. What would you do with one boot? Hmm....
  9. That's just bizarre.
  10. Yes, and it's unlikely that the seller has one leg, right? That would be the only thing that makes sense.... :confused1:
  11. Maybe one boot was damaged so they figured they'd see if anyone would buy a single?

    Maybe the buyer has a pair and wanted a spare??? Who knows, people will sell (and buy) the weirdest stuff.
  12. I remember seeing quite a few Chanel boot on eBay when I was looking for a pair. Maybe the same seller? They were stated as samples. I guess the first buyer had realized she bought a single boot and didn't pay?
  13. I guess you could try to start a new trend... ha ha.
  14. CALL ME CRAZY but..lol...I was thinking if a chanel boot was $54, I would buy it...fill it with dirt...and plant some flowers and make it like a flower vase or something LMAO