a sincere apology

  1. by now most of you may have read about my very questionable selling practices, i understand that they are questionable, but i would just like to clear up some things. i was not honest from the start, when i put my first Kooba up for sale, i did create this username to secretly advertise that sole purse, having a look back, i completely regret it because it was probably going to get posted by one of you gals anyway. but as far as shill bidding went, i did not actually place a bid on that auction, although i did state in the thread that i created about the kooba viriginia to make it seem like i bid $100.00 and that it was over my budget, so ladies would not feel bad about stealing the bag from me. since that time, i realized how good sales of Kooba were on eBay, so once I heard about a sample sale coming up, I dipped into my savings, bought a whole bunch, photographed them, and sold them on eBay. now after legitimately selling, the posts when i had originally created this username began to haunt me. the accusations made against me were true, to an extent, and once they went overboard i had a strong urge to say something to defend myself. what i may have was mean, and it definately was not the best way to say things, but it was the only was i knew how to say things at the time. i'm sure most of you have been in a situation where you feel outraged, and don't always make the right decisions. so.. ever a few months after all this, i was just really trying to regain my reputation, selling legitimately, starting auctions at fixed price so there would be no doubt of shill bidding, and my prices are just based on other current/completed listings on eBay, so i would really like to say sorry for any distrust and loss of fun i may have caused here, and hope we can all get past this. thanks.

  2. Thank you so much Dora:yes:. That's all we were looking for, truth and honesty! Now that this is all in the past, and doesn't need to be brought up again, bring out all of those gorgeous bags you have stashed!
  3. Way more info than I knew about, I was a bit in the dark about all this.

    We all make mistakes, but honesty and integrity are always the best policy in both personal and business dealings. If you have great Kooba's & are honest in your descriptions, you don't ever have to resort to subterfuge to sell them, they sell themselves. Welcome, Dora. I hope we can all learn from mistakes and move on now.
  4. Thank you, Dora! Its good to have you here. :tup:
  5. Thank you Dora for being so forthright and honest. That's all we ever wanted. We can be some of your best supporters and bidders knowing everything is on the up and up.
    I know I have been a thorn in your side over all of these posting issues and I know you thought me as a meanie...but really I'm not. Just a stickler for keeping as much integrity in Ebay as we can. We know from posting here that everyday people are being sold fake bags and a load of crap to go with them. I always felt it was our part to be as above board as possible to make up for the dishonest sellers.
    You can be a big asset to this group with as many Koobas that have passed through your hands. I am willing to put aside the past and start new. I have always admitted to you having gorgeous bags. Your photography skills highlight them in an amazing way.

    BTW....you should ask the Mods if you can change your posting ID...LOL That would really put the past behind you. Luxoleather is hopefully the "old Dora". We are all anticipating getting to know the new one.
  6. Hi there, Dora, this feels so much better!!:smile:

    As Lexie said, we've all admired your bags as the most gorgeous Koobas on ebay, but felt uneasy about the way business was conducted...I know we've been on your case, but let's start fresh here and be done with all the negativity!

    So for any sarky remarks I've made, I apologise and welcome you here!
  7. Hey there-

    Glad to see everything seems to have been worked out. Welcome yet again! :smile:
  8. Thanks, Dora, for your apology. It is very much appreciated.
  9. I'm a newbie here, so I was never affected or involved, but I'm all for letting bygones be bygones and having new beginnings. I admire your courage in finally setting things straight, Dora. I am also impressed with how welcoming all the ladies are in this forum. Brava to all of you!
  10. :choochoo::happydance::winkiss::drinks:

    That's great!
  11. Dora--
    I'm a newbie here and to the whole ebay thing, I bought 2 beautiful bags from you and would do so again with no problem. Bring out the stash, I'm ready to shop!!!
  12. Same goes for me. You always have the best bags.
  13. Dora, thank you for your apology.

    As you know, I have bought three beautiful bags from you, all of which are gorgeous. My issues have never been about your bags. My major discontent has been regarding your ethics as a seller and as a member of this forum and your contradictory posts, which cast doubt on your honesty and genuineness. I felt there was a serious conflict of interest, which upset the balance of this forum. A seller who shows honesty, integrity and fair play will gain a lot of respect here and achieve success. I believe your apology is the start to greater success for you.

    We all love this forum where we have made a great many friends and enjoy helping others find bags they truly desire. I’d like to see our forum get back to the subject of our love for Koobas, helping each other out and the enjoyment in purchasing such fabulous bags.

    I am no expert on eBay auctions, however, one suggestion I would like to offer from a buyer’s point of view, is to mention scratches/flaws/faults on the bags you are auctioning, rather than leaving it down to the photographs. Yes, I commend you for clearly showing faults in your beautiful photographs, but some people rely on the description to accurately describe bags and do not scrutinize the photos as much as they should. This would ensure you are not subjected to negative feedback concerning faults not mentioned in your auction. Just a thought you might want to take on board, which would help protect you further as a seller.

    Thank you again for your apology. It will be good to start afresh.
  14. mini, i do not understand. do you feel like a bag that you purchased from me was misrepresented in any way? if so, please send it back and i will gladly issue you a refund. please keep suggestions subject to pm or email, that is not the reason i started this thread. thank you

    everyone else thank you for the kind words, it is greatly appreciated.
  15. Dora, not at all, all the bags I bought from you are absolutely gorgeous and I have no problem with them whatsoever. Seriously, you sold me beautiful bags.

    It's only a suggestion, please don't take it as a criticism. A few comments have been made about the lack of mentioning flaws (and I believe one of your feedbacks for a Marcelle did mention this fact). There are other eBay sellers that are terrible and neither mention flaws nor photograph them, at least you are honest and include them in photos, so that is a big positive. I'm only thinking of your protection, feel free to take or leave my suggestion. It's just a thought, not a criticism. I love your bags, they really are beautiful. Please don't take any offence, none intended. :smile:

    Don't mean to upset the balance of this thread - sorry! (see, we all make mistakes)