a sin against chanel?

  1. sorry, I dont get it.
  2. well they do say imitation is the best form of flattery...
  3. I saw those at the store on Sunday - the SA told me "they are inspired by Chanel" :wtf:

    I do shop at Nine West quite a bit normally but I didn't buy any of these
  4. they're copies of Chanel w/o the CC.
  5. OMG - that's fast!!!! I wish these other companies would get their own designs, and not steal from others.
  6. Nine West also "copies" CL shoes too. Was in Lord & Taylor's recently and saw a woman trying on peep toe pumps that are exactly like the Very Prive style...they are even making them with a RED SOLE!.
  7. :wtf:

    I own two pairs of the real stretchy flats. I have to say that these are a very close copy of the ones I own.

    If I see dozens and dozens of these cheap copies on the street, I will be so upset... and not want to wear my own pair... :sad:
  8. That is a CLOSE copy! Not a bad price though...
  9. OMG - I can't believe they can get away with that. These shoe makers should make their own designs!

    I still know I am wearing the real stuff it is real so even if I see knock offs it doesn't bug me that much. I know what I am wearing and it is all about the quality to me.
  10. wow that's apretty good copy from the website. so $79=1 Nine West flat, $575=1 Chanel flat. That means you can get 7 flats for the price of 1 Chanel. They are SHOES afterall... wear and tear with use is inevitable.
  11. The look maybe the same, but the leather quality is definitely different.

    Sometimes, a copy isn't so bad when it comes to shoes. I'd skimp on my shoe budget to splurge on another Chanel handbag.
  12. Ugh, so annoying. I hate imitation stuff.
    But who wouldn't want to have chanel designs?
  13. So are you guys saying that an exact replica of a bag is wrong, but it's okay when it's a shoe? :sad:
  14. in all fairness, yes. these are pretty much exact replicas BUT

    do we get mad at french sole for making quilted beige with patent caps? or the five other styles they make that mimic chanel flats?

    or what about the new prada flats made of that yummy leather that look almost identical to the classic chanel flats minus the c's?

    is cap toe in general trademark chanel? or is it that these are just retakes on the NEW chanel flats that has us all upset/confused?