A simple retort and a thank you to you Bal ladies

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  1. I don't feel like a need to explain myself, but I'm going to make a comment or two and then the admins can decide on closing this. This is in reference to the thread earlier.

    I will start this with an apology to American women. My comments where meant in reference to more of a cultural gap than anything. I believe it was Churchill that said "Two nations divided by a common language". In my example I was putting it towards my previous marriage. My ex took many things for granted that simply did not gel from my upbringing. And we had our differences. But in no way should I use the comments "too American" to label a society because of one or two experiences. I am very British in many ways, although each year I go back I feel less and less like its home anymore. I love London to death, but I consider the US my home now. So I apologise to anyone offended here.

    In relation to who I am. I am exactly as I have expressed. I come from a technology background and was involved with a number of website startups over time. I don't try and hide behind a net persona as I see no need. Nor do I feel any need to prove myself here. If you are uncomfortable with me being around I can happyily leave you to your peace. I came here purely for information and found some very informative and lovely people.

    I discovered tPF purely through an impulse buy of a Miu Miu bag that was a fake. I did a search and came here to ask some folks in the Miu Miu and Prada forum advise. I needed a fix for an xmas present. This stemmed from me buying my fiance a Prada last year that she has used to death and gets comments on all the time. I felt great about that, and wanted to give her something special this past Christmas. I actually know nothing about handbags, and right now outside of Bal I would be totally lost. But I'm no dummy either, I have been blessed with the ability to learn fast, which in my career is a requirement. And this forum has been a wonderful source of knowledge, and the evidence of the advice given to me was clear when xmas came around and my fiance saw her presents. I thank you ALL for that.

    If there are folks here that call this their home, and are uncomfortable with me. Then I will give you space and wish you peace.

    Now back to the Superbowl.

    Have fun! :tup:

  2. No worries Jim. I am sure there is no one here who feels "uncomfortable" that you have graced us with your presence!!! Here's a bagslap for you saying that :bagslap:
    You sure are a dark knight...Who is under that mask??? :girlsigh:
  3. Jim, you absolutely shouldn't feel the need to explain yourself. You've been a positive and fabulous contributing member of tpf, and I hope you continue to feel comfortable doing so. Plus, I love the eye candy you post!!! You are always welcome here! :welcome:
  4. I agree, I don't (or at least hope) that no one was offended by what you said. I think you're a great guy who has a very lucky fiance (and someone who we here in tPF are all very envious of ;)) I think that you are here for the same reasons that everyone else is; to get information about Bal and to show us your beautiful collection! No worries, we all love you here!
  5. Well no surprise how this turned out. I think youre a fab addition to the bbag subforum, personally, and i knew where you were coming from with your comment
  6. And I strongly second this Jim! We are so happy to have a guy on here who cares about making his woman happy with purses!! Most of us could only hope to have a man like you around. Please know we enjoy your company immensely! :woohoo:
  7. yes, we enjoy your posts- if anything, it lets us know there's hope :graucho: at least until we figure out how to make clones of you :robot:
  8. No need to explain yourself Jim. I enjoy reading your posts and think it's sweet that you have taken such an interest in you honey's love for handbags. If mine only showed half as much inerest I'd be thrilled! When I came home with my Bal bag (black city w/SGH) he said to me" you paid how much for a bag with thimbles all over it?":roflmfao:

    Looking forward to seeing your future bal purchases!
  9. OH MY GOSH that comment cracks me up!!! Love it!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. no offense taken here! perhaps you shall start up a website educating husbands and bfs and other love ones on purchasing bbags for us for v-day, b-days, anniversaries, x-mas, new years, mondays, tuesdays, whatever days =) i think i have to show my bf your thread and the pictures. please stay Jim! and take a pic of your fiancee's face when she opens the box =)
  11. Continue to enjoy your time here in the Purse Forum JimLong. Thanks for posting.
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