A silly question. Opinion needed...

  1. Next week I'm going to Chicago to visit and stay with some friends for about a week. I've been trying to decide on which one of my LV bags to bring with me (mono speedy 30 or mono petite noe). Both bag are brand new. I used the speedy at first but then I ended up bring it back and getting a new one because of a defect in the handles. Since I brought home the new speedy I haven't used it, so I've been using the petite noe since.

    I keep going back and forth on which one I should bring with me. I'll be driving there, not flying, so that wont be a problem. My main concern with bring the noe is my fear of getting the leather on the bottom wet or dirty, and I am paranoid about the handles on the speedy.

    Ahhh, I just can't decide. So I ask your opinion.

  2. Speedy is my choice....love to throw everything in and I think it's easier to access than the noe.
  3. I vote for Speedy as well...if the handles are treated,they should be fine.
  4. I love the speedy!
  5. for traveling the speedy is best for sure :smile:
  6. Speedy!!
  7. another vote for the speedy! fits everything- always looks perfect!
  8. Speedy!
  9. i say noe.

    i love the classic shape of the noe, and i think you should take it!
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm still really unsure, but I have until next Wednesday to decide. So far the speedy is winning so this might be the choice....
  11. Definitely the speedy. It's more versatile than noe.
  12. Speedy :yes:
  13. Speedy for any kind of travel 'cos u can fold it, twist it, mangle it (nah..not really) and it'll spring back into shape after a while.
  14. Speedy
  15. take the speedy